Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification Reports

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    • Eleventh-hour discovery of uninsured patients ?
    • Claim rejections due to eligibility issues?
    • Compulsive write-offs to put up the shutters for aged ARs ?
    • Frequent reimbursement dejections ?
    • Revenue seepage in chasing your patient-edge payables ?

    Then, say Huzzah! This is the perfect page place to unravel your patient eligibility and benefits verification knots. BillingParadise have been making the Allscripts Professional Pro users, as happy campers through our well-organized insurance eligibility verification services.

    Allscripts Integrated Patient eligibility verification system

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    Are you losing your dollars due to ineligible patients ?

    BillingParadise proffers Eligibility Verification Services to aid you simplify and streamline the patient ingress process at your practice. We are associated with a bevy of private and government payers in the industry through which real-time access to insurance eligibility and benefit information could be obtained – thereby offering you an unperturbed billing workflow.

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EMR/EHR Service
Getting you a daily report on Patients’ Insurance Eligibility info, Procedure Eligibility info, Co-pay, Deductible, Insurance Pre-authorization info and Patients’ Pre-existing Condition info before 8:00 am local time. Only Insurance Eligiblity Info is avaialble.
Medical Coding and Coding Analysis by dedicated specialty specific Certified Medical Coders (CPC) for maximum reimbursement and to zero down denials.
Creating clean claims. 7 expert podiatry billing teams who offer specialized services across the breadth of your entire billing cycle
Claim Scrubbing to zero down denials.
Transmitting claims to the insurance companies within 12 hours from the time of visit.
Acting on clearing house report instantly
Following-up with the insurance companies over the phone from the seventh day of claim transmission.
Posting the EOBs and ERAs.
Following-up with denied claims (Denial Management) and resubmitting claims on the same day
but not on the same day
Patient AR Management-Mailing-out patient statements-placing follow-up phone calls to get patients’ responsibilities collected.
Answering the patients’ questions on their responsibilities by having them call us on our dedicated toll-free number.
Access to summary/progress/analysis reports through iPhone/iPad/Blackberry.
but access only to a few reports
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Don't Let Your Point-of-Service (POS) Payments Become Bad Debts !

BillingParadise proffers Allscripts Professional Pro users - the synchronized cost estimates for co-pay, co-insurance and deductibles to tune your patient's verdict about the healthcare well before the encounter – thereby averting 'no-pays' at the Point-of-Service (such as front-office, lab, radiology). Besides, you could save your money against the obsessive write-offs declared in the late post-encounter phase.

BillingParadise offers a short and snappy eligibility tracking report that comprises:

  • Patient name
  • Payer name
  • Policy number
  • Patient balance
  • Eligibility status
  • Provider status
  • Effective date
  • Term date
  • Co-pay
  • Deductible
  • Pre authorization necessity

It also accompanies a note about any pre-existing medical condition to ascertain the probability of claim reimbursement and also pre-authorization related data.

Did you score 'Payerpath Eligibility' advantage ?

Our staffs work in sync with your front-desk employees to avail you the maximal advantage of Allscripts Professional Pro's Payerpath Patient Readiness solutions:

  • Verify your patients' data in real-time and in batch inside few seconds.
  • Maximize your reimbursements and accounts receivables through our good kickoff.
  • Provide secure patient health information (PHI) exchange.
  • Rapid reclamation of eligibility history.
  • Increase your productivity by alleviating your front-end eligibility verification tasks.
  • Abide HIPAA 5010 and CAQH CORE compliance standards.
  • Curb revenue loss due to eligibility lapses.

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