eClinicalWorks medical billing services

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7 specialist RCM teams so nothing ever goes wrong with your revenue cycle

  • Experienced patient eligibility verification team verify your patients' insurance eligibility and benefits info much before they walk into your office.
  • AAPC/AHIMA certified, specialty focused, coding experts increase your coding efficiency and throughput. Our certified code auditors ensure compliance and accuracy.
  • All claims are generated, scrubbed and transmitted to clearinghouses inside of 24 hours by our medical billing experts.
  • Our insurer specific AR calling teams follow up on outstanding AR and make sure pending receivables are collected quickly
  • Do you want a .2% denial rate? Our denial management team classify denials into follow up groupings and correct claims with errors/missing information. We have a 97% appeals success rate.
  • Have you run into a rough patch with your eClinicalWorks system? Our tech support team offer troubleshooting solutions.
  • Patient payment responsibilities have increased. Collect patient payments quickly with our patient billing team.

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  • Are you having a hard time in training your office staff on eClinicalWorks?
  • Are you worried about your outstanding AR?
  • Is managing your denials becoming a nightmare?

A quick glance at the profile of one of our eClinicalWorks revenue cycle analysts


  • Nationally certified EHR trainer
  • Credentialed EHR implementation specialist
  • MBA in healthcare administration


  • Provide on-site eClinicalWorks EHR training to healthcare organizations
  • Document and analyze current workflows to establish a baseline for developing and implementing best practices
  • Create eCW quick reference guides to help resolve commonly encountered workflow and billing issues
  • Create and update flow sheets and templates
  • Troubleshoot multiple software issues
  • Responsible in bridging the divide between end users and IT consultants
  • Teach healthcare professionals on how to develop macros, templates, shortcuts, favorites and smart phrases
  • Assisted in implementation of eCW and provided go-live support to ensure eCW EHR implementation success to 21 healthcare organizations
  • Design process mapping initiatives


  • Senior eCW consultant, Manager of eCW software analysis and eClinicalWorks implementation expert at BillingParadise
  • 2010-2014
  • eCW consultant and implementation specialist at BillingParadise

Key skills

  • eClinicalWorks v10 implementation support
  • Meaningful Use stage 2 trainer
  • Manage all client enquiries and trouble tickets
  • Provide expert workflow analysis and redesign guidance
  • Conduct on-line database customization sessions
  • Provide eCW helpdesk support
  • Proven ability to lead implementations and deliver cutting edge technical solutions

EMR Support

Areas of expertise

  • eClinicalWorks v10 implementation and troubleshooting support
  • Develop workflow processes and EHR solutions that increase revenues, margins and workplace productivity
  • Provide pre and post eCW implementation assessment
  • Offer role based eCW software training
  • Facilitate and provide client meetings to achieve implementation goals successfully


  • Provided eClinicalWorks implementation services to 7 major ambulatory centers in 2 weeks
  • Increased workplace productivity by 57% for a medical group based in Florida
  • Responsible for implementing eClinicalWorks v10, to a 35 plus provider group operating from multiple locations. Successfully completed on schedule without interruption to workflow
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously under high pressure while consistently meeting deadlines

*Disclaimer: BillingParadise is not an authorized eClinicalWorks RCM vendor or partner. BillingParadise is a third party full service Revenue Cycle Management company. It has expert work force and teams in respective EMRs with respect to billing,coding and collection functions.

Automate and tighten your revenue cycle

Powerful RCM Tools

  • ContractEdge

    Scrutinizes insurer compliance with contractual terms and audit remittances.

  • CodePro

    Lists out top paying CPT codes so users know where to focus on to drive up revenue.

  • ClaimCheck

    Inbuilt claims scrubbing tools to increase your first pass claim acceptance rate

  • DenialManager

    Maps denial reason codes to identify denial trends and address problem areas.

  • ARAnalyzer

    Prioritizes and organizes pending AR into buckets based on age, claim value & insurer.

  • theBillingBridge

    Provides extensive net collection reports that detail insurer and patient collections.

Specialty Focused RCM Services

We have specialized teams of medical billers and coders who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your billing and coding tasks

Struggling To Bill With Your EHR?

At BillingParadise we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.

Client Testimonials

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testimonial of urologist

Ted Johnson Urologist

I used to wonder why after working for almost 10 hours a day my collections were dismal. I found out that the fault lay with my billing team who couldn't come up with innovative solutions. My collection ratio has increased by almost 30% after working with team BillingParadise