eClinicalWorks EHR Medical Billing Services

eClinicalWorks medical billing experts who'll accelerate eCW revenue cycle management and improve operational efficiency using eClinicalWorks EHR.

6 Reasons why you should hire an eClinicalworks experienced medical billing services?

  1. EHR Software Challenges: When technical errors arise in your practice, our seasoned experts promptly resolve them, ensuring smooth claim processing.
  2. Complicated Reporting Dashboards: EHR often has complex interfaces. Our simpler, more efficient reporting system overcomes these difficulties.
  3. Untrained Billing Staff: You might struggle with staff who are untrained in eClinicalworks EHR systems. We provide three levels of EHR-specific training to enhance competence.
  4. Generic RCM Services: EHR developers may not focus exclusively on RCM. BillingParadise brings 20 years of dedicated RCM expertise to ensure top-tier management.
  5. Cyber Attack Delays: In the wake of cyber attacks, practices face halted claims. We act swiftly to secure your data and manage your claims, minimizing financial disruption.
  6. Subpar Low-Cost RCM: Low-cost EHR RCM services charge lower percentages (3%). But may not work end-to-end RCM. We take full responsibility for your claims, from addressing rejections to managing denials.

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Our 24/7 eClinicalWorks RCM Process

Our standard MGMA benchmarks in KPI metrics reporting


Days in Accounts Receivable (A/R)


Percentage of A/R Over 90 Days


Non-Contractual Write-Off Percentage


New Patient Ratio


Payer Mix


Referral Mix

Customizable eClinicalworks Revenue Cycle Management Services

Selective Revenue Cycle Management process services

Selective Revenue Cycle Management process services

Want only certain RCM processes to be handled? Fill your eCW revenue cycle management process gaps.

Temporary Revenue Cycle Management process services

Temporary Revenue Cycle Management Services

Need temporary RCM staff for high-volume tasks or vacation coverage? Hire our expert eCW services today!

Specialty-Specific RCM

Specialty-Specific Revenue Cycle Management Services

Select from our wide range of specialty eCW revenue cycle management teams or your current operations.

Proven Results Of Our eClinicalWorks Medical Billing Services


First Pass Claim
Acceptance Rate


First Pass Claim
Acceptance Rate


Accounts Receivables


Insurance collections


RCM Operations
costs reduced


Claim denials


RCM Operations
Costs Reduced


Overall Cash
Flow Increased


Overall RCM

Technology-infused eClinicalWorks Medical Billing Services

Insurance Eligibility Verification AI

Instantaneous eligibility verification automation tool gives you accurate, uncomplicated patient verification at the point of registration.

AR Management AI

Your Accounts Receivable information is instantly extracted and stored in the Analyzer to cut short on Accounts Receivable days and unpaid claims.

Denial Management AI

Denial information is automatically extracted from the
eCW EHR and provides priority-based workflows to resolve denials easily.

RCM Analytics AI

Identify revenue opportunities, monitor RCM team productivity, compare historical revenue data, and receive guided steps to improve performance.

Case Study

65% Increased net collections experienced by a medical group after using our eClinicalworks medical billing services.

Specialty Focused Billing services

We have specialized teams of AAPC certified medical billing specialist who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your billing and claims management