Clear AR Backlogs and Optimize Receivables

Do you let claims slip through the cracks and disappear?

Eliminate AR cycle inefficiencies, follow-up better and increase collections in simple clicks. Bring your team and data together on a single, innovative and robust platform. ARAnalyzer offers across the board receivables management solutions.


    Quick snapshot of its features:

  • Follows an automated receivables management workflow to systematically decrease days in AR.
  • Prioritizes and organizes pending AR into buckets based on age, value of claim and insurer
  • Provides AR reports that allow multi-level drill down
  • Automatically tracks and updates the financial outcome of account receivables followed up on
  • Improves consistency, accuracy and transparency in the AR management process through actionable insights
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Your gateway to reduce denials

At BillingParadise we understand that being a successful healthcare organization hinges on minimizing denials and improving cash recovery strategies. Identify, track and prevent claim denials in one powerful, secure and feature-rich application. DenialPreventer unites denial information from your existing systems into a single, customizable database.

Denial Management Software

Key features at a glance:

  • Using user-defined business rules DenialManager automatically rou tes denials to the right person enabling quicker resolution
  • Maps denial reason codes to identify denial trends and address problem areas
  • Creates an audit trail so the productivity of the denial management team can be easily monitored
  • Categorizes denials into different follow-up groupings
  • Offers extensive reports and classifies denials by denial type/payer/value of claim/remark code etc.,
  • Automates the appeals creation and submission process
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Well. The proof is in the pudding


For better performing contracts

Do you have a hard time managing contracts?

Are you being consistently underpaid? Discover overlooked revenue opportunities and gain a 360 degree visibility of contract analytics with ContractEdge. This is data that conveys a lot more than just numbers…


Get the contract negotiation edge

  • Identifies payment errors and helps medical practices recover lost reimbursement with data driven insights
  • Scrutinizes insurer compliance with contractual terms and audit remittances
  • Mitigates compliance risks, evaluates contract performance and helps in creating more profitable fee schedules
  • Runs comparison reports across various fee schedules
  • Provides updated Medicare fee schedules to enable better contract management
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Overcome medical coding challenges

The volume and structure of ICD-10 has transformed the way healthcare organizations code. It is essential that medical coders are equipped with efficient tools and platforms to increase productivity and reduce fluctuations to the coding cycle. CodePro, with its comprehensive features and reports, can be a potent weapon in your revenue cycle arsenal.


5 smart features of CodePro

  • Lists out top paying CPT codes so users know where to focus on to drive up revenue
  • Automatically assigns work lists to coders based on specialty and EHR specific expertise
  • Reduces DNFB and increases coding accuracy
  • Scrubs codes and runs NCCI, MUE, procedure code and outpatient code edits
  • Runs comparison reports on the reimbursement provided by insurers for each medical code
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Because every claim matters

A recent study reveals that a shocking $83,000 are spent, per physician annually by healthcare organizations on interactions and follow-ups with insurers. Most interactions can be tied back to one factor- claim errors. Our efficient and feature-packed claims analysis tool comes with extensive, built-in edits. Submit cleaner claims and accelerate your claims cycle. Today.

Claim Check Software

A quick snapshot of ClaimCheck

  • Gain visibility across your entire claims cycle, right from claims creation to claims submission in a few taps.
  • Monitor the journey of individual claims in real-time
  • View payer specific claims data
  • Beautifully designed and easily navigable interface
  • Inbuilt claims scrubbing tools to increase your first pass claim acceptance rate
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Data that speaks to you

The tumultuous healthcare environment, throws up new challenges every day. And the biggest challenge medical practices face is tracking and analysing vital financial data. The slant is on revenue cycle efficiency, compliance and more updated RCM processes. Finally, a tool that understands this… theBillingBridge is a revenue cycle reporting and data analytics app that offers real-time visibility into your revenue cycle processes.


Know the story behind the numbers

  • Detailed, on-demand revenue cycle reports that help users slice and dice critical financial data
  • Monitor and manage revenue cycle KPIs on the move as theBillingBridge is built from the ground-up to work in iOS and Android powered environment.
  • Our full-featured APIs simplify app integration. theBillingBridge is integrated with several major EMR/EHRs.
  • Provides extensive net collection reports that detail insurer and patient collections
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Well. The proof is in the pudding

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