Claims Audit Made Easier

BillingParadise Claim Audit Tool

Claims audit is an essential step that determines if a claim will be denied or processed for payment.

BillingParadise Claim Audit Tool

Payors generally treat your claims as bills and large organizations & practices like yourselves prioritize on the quality of healthcare provided to your patient, which leads to missing out key information on your claims resulting in considerable loss of revenue. Hiring BillingParadise services will free you from such cumbersome tasks allowing you to only concentrate on your patients needs.

BillingParadise revolutionizes your current claim audit system by replacing it with our tool. A tool that has benefitted several large organizations, group practices and ACOs. This tool sole purpose is to audit your claims and ensure that the max amount of receivables has been attained.

Why is BillingParadise Claim Audit Tool a must have?

No more tedious hours and valuable resources spent manually reviewing and auditing claims. This tool will act as your ultimate solution for claims auditing.

Key Features
  • Swift Data Searching, Sorting and Filtering
  • Standardized Audit
  • Easy-to-Use Menu Enabling Access to Claims Data
  • Online Claim Audits Replacing Paperwork
  • Facilitates Corrections of Over/Underpayment Before Checks Are Processed
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Comprehensive dashboard view of claim & payment status
  • Easily accessible & completely secure
  • Claims can be sorted or filtered based on your needs
Complete integration of all claims with all payor networks

A considerable amount (in terms of millions) of revenue is lost yearly by large organizations & hospitals as they do not audit their claims. Employing BillingParadise claim audit tool will effectively stopgap this loss and convert it into measurable profits.

Advantages Made Available To You

batches of claim status
Complete integration of all claims with all payor networks
batches of claim status
Real time tracking of individual/batches of claim status
batches of claim status
All pertinent claim and payment information made available in one place
batches of claim status
All information regarding invoices of each claim can be tracked and verified
batches of claim status
Supports and aggregates claim information from multiple payors and clinic/hospital demographic
batches of claim status
Save your valuable time and resources as the tool is automated to carry out auditing of the highest quality

BillingParadise's Exclusive Claim Recovery Option

There might be other inhouse vendors supporting you with the auditing process and this might seem unnecessary, but the benefits of employing our product does not just stop with auditing, we go a step ahead. BillingParadise provides you with a claim recovery option as well.

A common scenario in handling claims and billing is handling denials. BillingParadise Claim Recovery helps in identifying at risk denials. Claims that have outstanding payments or claims that have not been paid for a long time are flagged, sorted and projected to you.

All pertinent claim and payment information made available in one place
You get all of this in the same sleek and accessible design similar to the Claim Audit Tool. Additionally, you also get these benefits :
  • Live tracking of all claim recovery status
  • Automatically tracks and posts recovered payments, contractual deductions & contractual write offs
  • Rapid data searching, sorting & filtering capabilities
  • Claims are reviewed and processed in bulk
  • Design of this tool is so effective that only low maintenance is required
  • Seamlessly scalable to match your needs at 100%

Hire BillingParadise's Claim Audit Tool, and get your claims audited in an instant without having to waste tedious hours and valuable manual resources.

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