Patient Eligibility Verification with RCM

Verify Benefits and Eligibility for your patients in the fastest way possible.

Enhance RCM with Patient Eligibility Verification Services

Streamline your revenue cycle management with our patient eligibility verification services. Simplify and expedite the verification process, ensuring accurate benefits and eligibility checks for your patients. By leveraging our advanced tools and expertise, you can minimize delays, reduce manual errors, and maximize revenue.

Our comprehensive patient eligibility verification services cover various methods of obtaining workflow data, including integration with EHR/EMR systems and third-party scheduling applications. We verify crucial patient registration information such as member and group IDs, coverage details, and contact information. Our proprietary automation tool corrects invalid data and updates eligibility and benefits information efficiently.

With a highly experienced patient eligibility verification staff, we ensure meticulous checks and stay updated on payer guidelines, mergers, and out-of-network provider eligibility. Our cloud-based software proactively verifies patient eligibility before claim submission, significantly reducing the risk of denials. By leveraging our automation technology, you can benefit from 24/7 unattended eligibility verification, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

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Realize how much money you will save

Hours spent

Hours Spent checking patient eligibility/Week

  • 60 Hours / Week
  • Total hours your in-house resources spend checking patient balance + benefits
  • You spend $ 9000 every week for in-house resources
  • BillingParadise’s cost $ 1350 / Week
$ 7,650/ Week
person to automation process

Average Hourly Rate at your office premises

  • 50 $ / Hour
  • Average rate you pay your resources
  • $ 50
  • BillingParadise Resource’s cost $ 7.5
$ 30,600/ Month
Increase in user

Number of Users

  • 3
  • Number of resources that will be involving in the eligibility, verification & benefits process
  • 3
  • 3
$ 3,67,200/ Year

All-In-One Eligibility Platform

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BillingParadise provides a seamless solution for eliminating denied eligibility claims. Our unique, cloud-based software proactively verifies patient eligibility before claim submission, greatly reducing the risk of denial. Check 100s of patient eligibility verification within minutes.

RPA Eligibility Verification Tech

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Our RPA technology increased revenue by $3.5 million for a Northern Georgia healthcare system with 3 hospitals and 245 beds. We found coverage for 4,649 self-pay patients with 60% cost savings. The technology provides 24/7 unattended eligibility verification.

Hire one/combination of services/all, we at BillingParadise will meet your needs 100%

Prior-authorization verification in patient eligibility services

  • Prior-authorization determination and requirements.
  • Submission of authorization paperwork to insurance.
  • Follow-up of the authorization request.
  • Notification and resolution of rejection of authorization application.
 5 step process
EV FTE Resources

EV FTE Resources

Our dedicated personnel aggressively contest and ensure effective denial management. The service we offer is a complete hands on approach. Our account specialists work hard and deliver results. We have personnels equipped with the unique ability to coordinate across all payor platforms. Results that are reflected on increased revenue stream. Our personnel are regularly trained to keep up with the changing currents of payor specification. We pride ourselves on strict adherence to compliance measures and secure aggregation when it comes to usage of confidential data.

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Automated Patient Eligibility Verification Software

Automated Patient Eligibility Software

We provide our clients a foolproof cloud based software that automates processes and caters to all things patient eligibility. This software provides state-of-the-art IT support and propels your revenue generation. We simplify and upgrade your current RCM strategy through automation, and our skilled personnel conduct a comprehensive review ensuring quality performance. All of this is seamlessly scalable to meet your demands specifically. We offer all of these productive & influential products at a very cost-effective rate.

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A Case Study, on how BillingParadise tackles Patient Eligibility Verification Denials.

Learn how our dedicated experts contest your denials. Get all the information on how our optimized and proprietary software is implemented to terminate your front end bottlenecks.

BillingParadise Integrated Patient Eligibility Verification System

Healthcare organizations & physician groups no longer need to settle for a write-off or contest eligibility denials. BillingParadise can ensure you are paid for services rendered. Our Patient Eligibility Verification system is highly reliable and foolproof, with impressive scalability. We fit all sizes and shapes.

BillingParadise services are highly streamlined to equip you with the precise tool to get the job done impeccably. We offer our clients the exact solution they require in the form of services, software and other automation tools securing desired results. Using our services guarantee a hassle free experience for your patients and frees your organization to do what they do best; provide patient care of the highest quality.


Benefits from enforcing BillingParadise Services

Escalate Receivables

Escalate Receivables

Reduce Write Offs

Reduce Write Offs

Increase Profits

Increase Profits

No more mismatch denials

No more mismatch denials

Proper collection of patient dues upfront

Proper collection of patient dues upfront

Efficient Automation Process

Efficient Automation Process

What is included in the Patient Eligibility Verification and Benefits Services?

Obtaining workflow data through various methods:

  • Patient data from EHR/EMR or
    third-party scheduling applications
  • Manual patient data files such as FTP, email, fax, etc

Health Insurance Verification of basic patient registration information:

  • Member and group ID
  • Primary and secondary coverage details

Patient data correction and automation:

  • Fixing invalid patient data.
  • Eligibility and benefits information updating using our proprietary eligibility automation tool.

BillingParadise Flawless Tech To Curb Eligibility Denials

We at BillingParadise offer our providers the most effective automated workflow to bypass patient eligibility denials. Our services ensure a hassle free experience for both the providers and their patients. We ensure comprehensive eligibility checks through automation tech prior to services rendered. Through our system the provider is immediately informed of pending patient responsibilities, CO-Pay and other dues. We provide an aggressive check system where all patients' status are verified.