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Revenue Cycle Management and Healthcare

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is a mandatory process to be incorporated in all Healthcare organizations & practices to generate a successful revenue stream. Ideally, an organization(s) expect their RCM system to function in such a way that it allows you to stay focused on your receivable rates. It simplifies the medical billing process into subroutines and each process functions in tandem to ensure your claims are reimbursed & BillingParadise’s RCM services manage and meet your expectations effortlessly.

A recent study states that healthcare organizations lose 5% of net revenue due to defective revenue cycle processes. An inadequate and fragmented revenue cycle results in lower collections, missed revenue opportunities and process breakdowns.

The transition to the value based payment model and regulatory pressures are backing healthcare organizations into a corner. We effectively armor you against these coming changes through redesigning your workflow and processes & aiding you to achieve optimal net collections and a reduction in primary cost drivers. BillingParadise offers revenue management solutions that are designed from the ground-up, to meet your needs and priorities.

Patients undergo a lot of pain and inconvenience to get the treatment they require at the right time & still miss their appointments. Employ BillingParadise's AppointmentBridge and ensure that your patients are always punctual.

Our Comprehensive End-to-End RCM Process

Our RCM services ensure that your claims & denials are thoroughly worked and always result in maximum reimbursement. We employ ingenious machine learning algorithms that help predict revenue streams and risk factors. Our process is also equipped with artificial intelligence that aids in automation and scalability and customization. From Pre-Certifications to Final payment posting & reporting, we take care of it all…

The complete solution that goes beyond tech…

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, we are the only billing company in market that provides you these benefits:

We provide complete review reports that acutely scrutinize your current workflow patterns, staff & technology that significantly aids in boosting overall productivity

We provide complete review reports that acutely scrutinize your current workflow patterns, staff & technology that significantly aids in boosting overall productivity

Our AAPC-certified coders and coding optimization whizzes ensure the exact coding that entails maximum reimbursement for your claims.

We employ payor-centric medical coders and payment masters that guarantee 98% reimbursement rate in the initial submission.

We also provide HIPAA score, thorough revenue checkup, practice analysis report, credentials, effective pay negotiations, AR summaries, comprehensive RCM reports for free.

Advantages in Hiring Us

  • All our RCM services are provided to you in a cost effective and encompassing manner.
  • Our expert revenue cycle management teams reduce cost to collect by 40%
  • We boost your operational efficiency & revenue performance
  • Engage with your patients in a convenient manner
  • We provide 24/7 revenue cycle management support
  • We will minimize your bad debt by accelerating your receivables
  • We actively identify new revenue streams & transition towards risk based payment models effortlessly
  • We bring our vast experience in working EMR/EHR & practice management to the table
  • We provide free and completely customizable EHR template services
  • We accurately provide patient payment estimations, contract modeling services, charge capture & regulatory compliance services
  • We effectively manage the complexities of claim audits through all levels of appeals from Medicare, Medicaid & other insurance carriers
  • Our revenue cycle specialists analyze and mitigate future impacts to revenue streams
  • We handle primary & secondary Medicare billing with unquestionable expertise

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