TeamBillingBridge - Data that talks to you

Imagine staring at complex reports all day long. When you access your revenue cycle reports, your plan of analysis-decision-implementation quickly turns to boredom- confusion and resignation . Stick to your original plan. TeamBillingBridge is a work flow and revenue cycle reporting platform that ticks the right boxes.

Power all elements of your revenue cycle with:

Complex reports are tiresome.TeamBillingBridge addresses all the key issues you face when it comes to automation, communication and reporting. Without stupefying you with myriad reports. Steep learning curves. Or, one sided conversations.

Open Communication


On-demand Revenue Cycle Reports


A visual interface that makes you want run more reports


Performance management 


and features that drive you to take decisions.


Because revenue cycle efficiency is everybody’s business…

It is not just your billing team. Or your physicians. Or you. A high performing revenue cycle is everybody's business. It requires an all hands on deck approach. TeamBillingBridge puts everybody on the same page. 

Know more

Move over long email threads. This is how we help you communicate. 

Get in touch with the right people at the right time. 

Manage and resolve tickets

Schedule events with teams/team heads

Set notifications/ Receive reminders

Collaborate across various departments easily

Now, that’s beautiful… 

You are the next gen revenue management professional. You are not used to bland spreadsheets, cluttered interfaces and tedious navigation. TeamBillingBridge is easily navigable and beautifully designed. Just like how your Smartphone conceals all the busy work and offers you simple options. We offer detailed revenue cycle reports, consolidate key financial metrics, and provide multi-level drilldowns without tiring you. 

A quick glance at the reports you’ll access:

a lot more reports that provide fresh insights


AR and denial management reports


Claim management reports


Medical billing and coding reports


Top paying insurer reports


Trend analysis reports


MGMA benchmarked reports

Raise the bar

Nobody likes to be told what to do. Show them how it is done with prompt and meticulous performance reports. Set department specific goals, view individual level productivity data, and raise the bar.

Because you cannot move forward to newer payment mechanisms and physician compensation models without the right toolkit.