Medical Billing Service Cost

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Medical Billing Pricing Structure

Medical Billing Service Highlights X Billing Company BillingParadise's
24-hour RCM
EMR's RCM In-house Billing Team
Operation Hours 8-10 hours & 5 days a week 24 hours & 7 days a week 8-10 hours & 5 days a week 8 hours & 5 days a week
Eligibility & Benefit Verification $800-$1200/FTE/Month No cost $2500-$3500/FTE/Month
Medical Coding $3-$4.5/FTE/Month No cost $25-$30/FTE/Month
Medical Coding Analysis Certified & No cost
Creating Clean Claims 80-87% 97% 70-75% 80-85%
Claims Scrubbing YES YES
Claims Transmission After 2 days from DOS Within 12 hours After 2 days from DOS After 3-4 days from DOS
Clearing House Management After 2 days from Rejection Within 6 hours After 2 days from Rejection After 3-4 days from Rejection
EOBs & ERAs After 3 days Within 24 hours After 3 days After 4 days
Firstpass Claim Payment Below 70% 95% Guaranteed Below 67% Below 65%
Reimbursement Velocity Above 45 days 25 Days Above 49 days Above 40 days
Denial Management After 30 days Within 24 hours After 45 days After 2 weeks
Insurance Follow-up After 60 days Right after Claim Processing Time After 60 days After 90 days
AR Recovery $2000/FTE/MONTH YES at no cost
Patient AR Management Outside US YES within US YES YES
Patient Call YES within US - Toll-free Phone YES YES
Real-time Revenue Tracking App Yes via BillingBridge (iPhone/Android)
Provider Credentialing & Contracting YES at no cost
MACRA Consultation YES YES
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Our AR rates include:

  • $7 an hour
  • 5% collected aging A/R 61 to 90 days
  • 7% collected aging A/R 91 to 120 days
  • Experienced and certified professionals

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Frequently asked questions, answered

Ans: BillingParadise has been working with major EHRs since the 2006. The assigned team to your organisation will have a minimum of 5 years of experience in your EHR.
Ans: BillingParadise had done end­to­end Billing & RCM service for specialty practices and all have appreciated our service. BillingParadise’s team has more than 15 years experience in almost all the specialty. BillingParadise’s Certified Coders and several Project Managers as high as 19 years of experience in managing specialty clients.
Business growth/Brand position/Brand Experience/Violations
Ans: BillingParadise d/b/a MedicalBillingStar. BillingParadise has its own transcription unit under the name of iSource Solutions Inc.
Ans: Please see our compliance document.
HIPAA compliance/ Violations
Ans: We can e-mail you our compliance document.
Ans: BillingParadise has a several internal independent team who work on diferent accounts. The team cross-audits each other progress on a quarterly basis.
Ans: To setup your EMR it takes just a few hours for BillingParadise. To enroll your practice with the associated Clearing House, BillingParadise completes the enrollment paperwork and submit it to the supported Clearing House within a day. Some Clearing House, example, Trizetto take upto 15 days to get your practice enrolled for Electronic Data Interchange (Electronic Claim Transfer, Electronic Fund Transfer and Electronic Remittance Advice)
Ans: BillingParadise has certified coders and the total count is 25.
Ans: BillingParadise's Certified Coders undergo training once in a month. The agenda for the monthly training is to audit & study the reimbursement of top 25 procedures.
Ans: BillingParadise runs a credit check, fraud & abuse check, criminal check and refers with the previous employer.
Insurance recovery

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