How to manage your outstanding AR effectively in healthcare?

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Hospitals and medical practices are often seeking ways to reduce the Account Receivable(AR). Healthcare providers need to improve their cash flow by implementing possible changes that suit their current positions. Focusing on reducing AR will help to identify the possible point of revenue leakage and address it. Here are some of the ways Hospitals and medical practices can effectively reduce AR.

Monitoring AR Reports:

Once the data is measured it will get managed. The main aim of accounts receivable management is to improve our profitability and reduce the collection cost. Being vigilant over the process KPI’s will show the pattern and in which area we can reduce the revenue leakage.

  • An AR report can evaluate your financial status in many different ways: that include every single patient, payer insurance, plan type, and so on.
  • The complete report provides transparency on claim status, paid status, denied amount, allowable amount, contractual adjustments, patient payments, estimated payable amount
  • Keep track of your aging claims that are within 30-45 days, 60-90 days, 100-120 days, and more than 120 days. Clean claims get paid within 45 days. It needs to be taken immediately if a claim doesn’t get paid or rejected for more than 45 days and has to be followed up.
  • Claims aging over 90 days is, even more, a wake-up call to be addressed. Also, the same thing follows other aging claims that are more than 100 days. Usually, most of these claims end up where you need to appeal them so that the insurance payer will process and pay the claim.
  • Maintaining your reports and analyzing will help you develop your future forecasts and marketing plans and you will know exactly in which area you need to improvise.

Availing Offers:

You should have been aware by now after reading the above points– that you may lose significant value over time on Accounts Receivable. Timely, when claims cross 90 days overdue they would be worth only 20% of their original value and it would only be 5% of original when claims cross 120 days.

So, when you’re stuck at receivables – utilize the various offers that are provided by various Medical Billing Companies. Let us take an example if your organization is facing financial issues and you want to know exactly where you’re lagging. Then make use of the exciting offers where we provide you with –

  • Free collection for the first 20% of the balance amount
  • Free AR analysis report
  • Free collection for up to 10 days
  • Avail 2 Free Resources. 

Simple, value lost on money owed- overworked AR departments can cost healthcare management by increased workload, reduced productivity, and unacceptable cash flow.

Manage Your Resources:

If you’re behind managing the resources, or delivering health service, or commissioning, you must have thorough knowledge on how management processes work and how they affect patient care. 

The main function of management is –

  • Organizing
  • Planning
  • Staffing
  • Controlling
  • Directing

The key success for any business or hospital organization is to have effective management. When it comes to how you manage your resources – there are a lot of things to explore more.

  • Prioritize your prospects to build accountability
  • Prepare a list and measure your resources
  • Protect your Resources/Data’s
  • Improve Relationship management with your personnel’s
  • Choose the band over the lone

Management needs information to make the right decision for action. Another main resource is to identify how much is available and how much time is spent on credit and collection activities. 

People, facilities, equipment, materials and supplies, communication and warning technologies, fire protection and life safety systems, pollution control systems, information about threats and hazards, special expertise, and funding are all considered essential resources for the preparedness program.

Deadlines and Reminders for AR follow-up:

Healthcare practice administrators often receive frustrating communications from insurance companies. The last-minute requests for credentialing renewals can be upsetting because of the amount of information you must submit and also documents must be updated properly to avoid future errors. The easiest way to handle credential renewals and re-certifications is to be proactive rather than reactive. Check out these below tips on how you can manage your credential continuation:

  • Create a system and use a Spreadsheet
  • Ask about the Process
  • Gather the Documents and keep good Records
  • Attend to Medicare Verification
  • Set Personal tasks/reminders in active Personal mail accounts
  • Also, set Personal tasks/reminders with a deadline
  • Tasks that can be delegated to other users with accountability for their completion.

Getting more organized has numerous advantages, including increased productivity, improved performance, and a better ability to deal with stress. Your reputation is based on how well-organized you are perceived to be. And your punctuality, dependability, and conscientiousness can all have an impact on the people you work with, for better or worse.

Take steps to organize your workspace so that you can get started quickly, find everything you need, and focus effectively to complete all of your tasks. A clutter-free approach to work allows you to better manage your time, making you more efficient and effective.

Find the tools – whether traditional or high-tech – that will help you feel organized and in control, both at work and in your personal life. 

Automating mundane process:

One of the issues that hospitals bear with insufficient information is how unsafe the patient’s EHR is. In recent years, hospital management has found a solution for their paper problems – changing to automated EHR workflows. Implementing workflow automation could benefit Hospitals and medical practices. 

The same administrative challenges were to be overcome by using process management tools to automate hospital workflows and ensure smooth operations. Various automation tools that are available in the market don’t cost higher and also, they are customizable and can be self-taught. Information prepared through automation workflows is easy to access, index, search and retrieve. Adding to this, the automation process is more organized and paperless and brings efficiency and drives motivation.

Automating your business process provides a solution to manage high-volume tasks without burdening your busy workforce. 

The healthcare industry necessitates the secure transmission of sensitive data across a large network of departments and partners. Records must be kept up to date and synchronized among providers, labs, pharmacies, and others—and when lives are at stake, there is no room for human error or operational delays. Complicating matters is the fact that healthcare IT environments are extremely complex, with a vast number of disparate applications, file formats, and systems.

The best Medical Billing software can streamline your entire collection process by keeping track of records simultaneously on your past bills, automating late fees, and identifying patients who have fallen back in providing.


The important element that ties most of these tips together; in the healthcare industry are people and cash flow. It is wise to focus on your efforts by improving the productivity and efficiency of your staff. Operational issues can be resolved by planning and reducing non-productive time in your office.

To keep up with all of your financial stability, a strong cash flow is necessarily important for a healthcare organization. We provide you with an offer that will improve your practice collection faster with less work. An account receivable completely shows you the data on how this is followed up and maintained.

“Increase your revenue by bringing on a new partner who will assist you in succeeding”.

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