We offer a customizable workflow, proven expertise, and 24/7 support that makes us stand apart from other medical billing companies in Florida

Specialty Specific Medical Billing Services Florida. We bill through all major EHRs.

- Medical charts errors
- Switching between systems
- Being underpaid
- Treat patients. Unify fragmented workflows. Collect 7% more revenue.

As one of the largest medical billing and coding companies in Florida, we consider helping providers focus on patient care. 100+ medical practices based in Florida know better to choose us.

BillingParadise, a medical billing and coding Florida, brings 20+ years of experience and best practices to the table. We help make your financial operations more cost-effective, efficient, and profitable. Whether it is cash acceleration or reducing cycle times, we have you covered.

Are medical billing companies in Florida aware of this?

  • Florida state billing regulations are incredibly complex
  • There are numerous, state-specific billing guidelines for ancillary providers
  • Financial performance has to be optimized to capture every service documented

That is why your best choice should be to hire medical billing Florida

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We’ll Help You:

  • Practice management strategies
  • Florida state payers credentialing
  • ICD - 10 audit
  • Insurance Discovery
  • Automating RCM processes
  • Paient access
  • Contract negotiations
  • Slice and dice data
  • Make informed decisions
  • Seal the cracks quickly

Here is how we help you achieve gains across your medical billing Florida operations

  • CPB credentialed medical billing and coding Florida with in-depth understanding of payer plans
  • Medical billing services florida professionals with knowledge of HIPAA, STARK, False Claims Act and Fair Debt Collections Act
  • Billing veterans who design and deploy various medical billing models to improve collections
  • Certified auditors who conduct periodic audits, and retrospective/prospective reviews of claims to spot underlying deficiencies
  • Subject Matter Experts who audit insurer contracts for reimbursement, coding, LMRP and State Prompt Pay laws
  • Strong knowledge of the payment mechanisms of Florida payers than other medical billing companies in florida

Strengthen the foundations of your medical billing cycle

Working with experienced medical billing florida, AAPC, AHIMA certified coders is good, a hybrid of technology and expertise is better.

Our workflow and revenue cycle management solutions are integrated with all major EHRs.

TeamBillingBridge provides insights into the key performance indicators of your billing cycle. Outsource your billing headaches not control over your processes. TeamBillingBridge offers a window into every phase of your billing process. View performance reports of billers, communicate securely and set and receive notifications. TeamBillingBridge automates billing processes and turbocharges your billing cycle.

Your neighborhood medical biller

The best aspect of working with a Florida based medical billing firm is that we’re just a few miles away from you. We regularly host and sponsor healthcare related events in Florida. You can set up a face-to-face meeting with our revenue management experts. Or request for onsite billing and coding assistance anytime.

We blend in with your organization’s teams, processes and technology. Our billing team works as an extension of your existing teams to avoid miscommunication and defects. And before we forget, yes, we do work with your EHR.

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