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15 years

Experience in the industry

BillingParadise has 15+ years of experience in working with Hospital, health systems and Hospital.

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More calls = more $$ collected

Our team of 150+ AR callers ensure your AR management services are super-efficient. We make 1701000 calls annually.


HFMA Standards

All our AR management services meet and exceed HFMA benchmarks. We have developed tools based on HFMA benchmarks

Co-managed workflow system

Let your in-house team work alongside our accounts receivable experts or select the gaps in which you lack the staff / expertise
and implement a co-managed workflow system

Temporary resources

Hire temporary Accounts Receivable resources for short periods until your staffing gaps are fulfilled.

AR analyzer software

BillingParadise not only has the best resources it also has the best AR management software that can keep your practice AR under check and prevents AR buckets exceeding 30-60 days.

Our Accounts Receivable Analyzer that Clear AR Backlogs and Optimize Receivables

Statistical data of Accounts receivable nationwide compared to BillingParadise

Medical groups and individual practices Days in AR 90+ days
Top 25% Best Performing Practices 38 12.92%
National Average Primary Care 36 12.50%
Surgeon National Average 51 13%
BillingParadise 23 6%
ASCs Days in AR 90+ days
National Average Multispecialty 26.3 11.60%
National Average for ASC's 36.8 17.80%
National Average for Multi/Ortho 42 18%
National Average for GI 30 13%
National Average for Eye 27 12%
BillingParadise 19 4%

Industry standard benchmarks for AR management services

The question from all medical groups and hospitals is how can one know and measure the rate of success resolving and getting reimbursed for pending accounts receivable. Well, the answer is simple: BillingParadise follows MGMA and HFMA benchmarks and also helps your hospital and medical groups to achieve the HFMA MAP award.

Our industry-standard benchmark and KPIs include:

50 or more A/R days = Below Average or Poor PerformanceIn healthcare RCM, billing, and collections, BillingParadise uses more than 7 KPIs, and our 15 KPI model keeps track of almost every corner of RCM processes, especially Accounts Receivables.

  • A/R Days
  • First Pass Resolution Rate (FPRR)
  • Gross Collection Rate (GCR)
  • Net Collection Rate (NCR)
  • Percentage of A/R Older than 60 Days
  • Collections per Visit
  • Contractual Variance
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While calculating the AR days the following KPI metric is used as a benchmark

35 or fewer A/R days = Good or High performance

35-50 A/R days = Average Performance

Client AR Challenges and Solutions that we offered

The Problem

One of our mental health clients had a problem sending claims to the right payer and more than $100K was in pending AR.

Our Solution

BillingParadise analyzed their AR and found that a particular group of patients had an insurance carrier that had separate mental health coverage that the front office staff failed to notice.

The Problem

One of our orthopedic and spine surgery clients was not receiving payment and no denial information for a particular payer.

Our Solution

Our healthcare ar recovery services identified that the doctor has updated the service location address but the payer end did not update it successfully. Our AR team then expedited by calling the respective payer and asking them to take $150K worth of claims to reprocess and issue payment ASAP.

The Problem

Our OBGYN client stated that their in-house AR staff do not follow-up, get the claims paid and used our healthcare ar recovery services.

Our Solution

When we investigated we found that their AR staff only refiled the claims that received payment and did not fix the underlying problems resulting in them eventually writing off $50K worth claims every quarter. We then identified it to be a pending documentation claim where insurance has sent multiple correspondences to submit. Our AR team quickly coordinated with their records department, recovered the correspondence and had those claims submitted with proper documentation, and got them paid.

Our Hospital AR Management Service Workflow

 Hospital AR Management Service

Maximize Collections of your practices with our AR Experts

Calculate your MGMA AR Aging Benchmarks

Analyse the reason for your uncollected AR using our Lost Revenue Recovery Audit

Our Hospital AR Management Service Highlights

AR caller with security

Our affordable AR management service helps you lower internal costs

insights ideas

Advanced knowledge of healthcare insurers’ payment mechanisms

automation calling

BillingParadise follows a tried and tested call structure that makes a tangible difference to your outstanding receivables


Our AR management system integrates AR processes & offers advanced AR metrics

Graph decrease with save money

We Reduce pending AR, eliminate AR cycle lags & automate processes with AR Automation

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We isolate high risk receivables to enable quicker follow-up

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Hospitals who sign service level agreements with BillingParadise can be assured of year-over-year improvement in yield. To drive the movement towards best practice, we use MGMA MAP keys to compare the performance of your AR and set targets against industry standards.

AR management software

Review information at a glance

It eliminates the need to run multiple reports. View AR summaries at a glance

AR Management tool

Analyses and isolates AR data

AR Analyzer automatically isolates high risk receivables

AR Management system

In-depth reports

Detailed AR reports that will enable you to manage AR days and AR relationships with payers

Download Our AR Management Service Casestudy

See how a large integrated healthcare system based in Dallas successfully reduced outstanding AR and reduced average days in AR by 60%

AR Management CASE STUDY

Specialty Focused RCM Services

We have specialized teams of medical billers and coders who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your billing and coding tasks

Struggling To Bill With Your EHR/EMR?

At BillingParadise we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.