Co managed revenue cycle services. Retain your favorite biller

Change is its own merit. But most often, sweeping changes such as externalizing your revenue cycle operations can be overwhelming. We’ve made it easier for you. TeamBillingBridge, our workflow management software provides detailed productivity reports. You can view productivity data in aggregate, by department or by individual. We will work in tandem with your inhouse team to inject more revenue into your organization.

  • RCM Team

    Customize your RCM team.

    Set up a suitable team with one or more experts for a respective RCM process your practice is lagging behind.

  • coordinate directly

    Coordinate directly.

    You do not need to worry about connectivity with our team as Teambillingbridge and direct phone calls keep your management in touch with us 24/7.

  • A fixed percentage

    A fixed percentage

    Fluctuating prices are dizzying. We charge a small, fixed percentage of your collections.

  • Consistent prices

    Consistent prices

    We are good at what we do but don’t overcharge you for it. Our prices are low cost and consistent

  • More bang for your buck

    More bang for your buck

    From charge capture solutions to overturning denials we cover a lot of ground at a price that’ll help you reduce overhead expenses.

We will pay your In-house Expert. Know how!

How it works

  • A fixed percentage

    Defining the Process

  • A fixed percentage

    Defining responsibilities

  • A fixed percentage

    Introducing Revenue cycle management reporting app

  • A fixed percentage

    Defining the service Level Agreement

Why Co-Managed RCM team is the best
choice for your Hospital & Group practice?

Major Obstacles

  • A fixed percentage

    Miscommunication between the billing company and your in-house billing staff

  • A fixed percentage

    Expensive to handle only with an in-house billing team

  • A fixed percentage

    Monitoring and Validating reports

  • A fixed percentage

    Involving them in a streamlined process

  • A fixed percentage

    Approval process

  • A fixed percentage

    Eliminating gap between remote resources and your billing department


    Minimized Denials

    Reduced AR

    Quick Workflow

    Stay in control of your revenue cycle processes

    Pay us only for the revenue/expertise we bring to the table

    Your billing staff to manage our billing team

    Put in place process improvement initiatives quickly

See how an Urgent Care center's In-house Billing Team zeroed down on unbilled encounters by working with BillingParadise.

Responsibility Matrix

BillingParadise Inhouse Billing Team
Patient Eligibility Verification Patient Sehedule
Coding Signed Patient Charts
Coding Audit Coding Review
Charges Scrubbing Charge Submission
Payment Posting Payment Audit
Denial Capture Denial Verification
Denial Analysis Denial Re-Submission
AR Management Claims Re-Submission Queries

Why Billing Paradise

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