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Get financial reports of your medical practice, wherever you are…

Lost important financial information due to a cluttered inbox? Grab updated and actionable financial data, the way you'd grab a cup of coffee at a takeaway counter! BillingBridge is a secure, HIPAA compliant, mobile app built for Smartphone users. We make data mining and tracking key metrics easy. Get daily, weekly and monthly financial reports, delivered right into your Smartphone.
Gain not just retrospective insight but also predictive capabilities with BillingBridge's reporting features.

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We know your biggest worries and here is how BillingBridge can help you out!

1. Touch and go - Dictation recording app

Forget written notes! Dictate instructions into BillingBridge. Yes, our Touch and Go feature makes it possible for physicians and medical practice managers to dictate notes and instructions. There is no recording limit and all audio notes are securely saved in the application. Click on the recording button and provide our billers with instructions, alerts and corrections. All recordings are auto-saved. Our application makes it easy for you to coordinate with our staff and stay in control of the workflow process…

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2.Physician’s revenue reporting app - Track individual physician performance metrics

How many times have you wondered whether you are getting paid for the work you do? Our reporting features will help you stay in the loop. Data analytics and mining are going to play a key role in shaping the future of your medical practice and that is why we have developed an app that delivers accurate financial data of your medical practice, right into your smartphone! Apart from retrospective analysis you can also prepare for the future with our accurate and timely reports.

3.Reimbursement meter - Get realtime claim payment updates

Don't have the time to go through extensive revenue reports? Get a quick snapshot of your medical practice's financial information with our all new Reimbursement Meter! The easy on the eye graphical representation of data and 24/7 reporting capabilities will help you gather information about your medical practice's financial data. The meter changes with every claim that gets paid giving you real-time updates about your collections.

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4. Alert - Receive alerts from our medical billers

BillingBridge offers providers push messages and mails. Did you forget to add DOS? Have you forgotten to attach additional documentation? Receive a push message from our team. Let's work proactively together to drive up your collections. We promise not to cram your hard disk. Messages and alerts are regularly cleared and updated.

Get paid Three times faster with our 24/7 medical billing services.

Work with medical billers who understand your EHR's billing process backwards and forwards

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