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Cloud-Based EHR Integration Solutions

Our cloud-based EHR Integration solutions help hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices reduce medical billing costs by 70%, enabling a greater focus on clinical care and exceptional patient care.

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RCM and Practice Management Tools

Our RCM and Practice Management Tools provide modules to streamline claim filing, reducing manual effort. It is fully integrated for efficient RCM operations.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Our RPM services are equipped with advanced features and cutting-edge solutions, allowing you to care for those in need, regardless of location.

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Telehealth Services

Facilitates remote healthcare for hospitals, clinics, providers, and patients, resulting in improved patient care and comfort.

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Patient Engagement Solutions

Keeps patients connected to clinics and hospitals, reducing the communication gap, improving clinical and financial communications, and enhancing patient satisfaction.

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Chronic Care Management Services

Our CCM provides a range of features to support providers and patients in managing and preventing chronic conditions.

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Automated EHR Eligibility Verification Platform

Why choose us?


Spend Nothing on Training

Our billing specialists are experienced in over 50+ EHRs. So you can start your billing processes right away without spending too much money and time on training.


Immediate Back-Up

If your clearinghouse or EHR is facing cyber-attacks. You can hire us as an immediate backup to provide solutions that will get your claims moving and receive reimbursement on time.


Better than EHR RCM Services

EHR RCM services offered at low rates do not focus on all RCM processes. We're here to make a difference by providing EHR expertise and complete RCM services.

EHR Automation Services

Our RPA programmers can automate all processes of RCM and medical billing operations in your EHR

Compliance and Certifications

HL7 international
ICD10 AAPC certified
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001

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