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Provider sign up

Patients enrolled

Patient Consents

Devices shipped

Patient Data:

Patients use device

Patient health data electronically submitted

(Automated health alerts when patient is out of normal range)

Provider uses platform

(Patient health history electronically available, Patient health alert for faster and easier triaging)


Provider submits billing claims for reimbursement.

Provider reimbursed for RPM care.

What are roadblocks for practices and their patients?

  • Many Medicare patients are not tech savvy – half of the seniors in the U.S do not have a smartphone or Wi-Fi.
  • Some solutions require user intervention to send information to their doctor.
  • Some devices need to connected via Bluetooth or apps downloaded on smartphones.
  • Financial Risk – the RPM provider may require upfront payment for devices from doctors and/or providers.

Important factors to consider for a practice:

  • Initial outlay: What upfront costs are required to get started? What is your time to positive cash flow?
  • Patient enrollment: Who will enroll and educate patients?
  • Patient outreach: Who will ensure they’re using their devices regularly?

Patient Data Review:

Practitioner tools receive data from patient’s devices in perpetuity with no configuration and enable you to review data rapidly and fulfill Medicare requirements.

Practitioner portal:

  • Data from the patient is automatically streamed your Provider portal with no device setup.
  • Notify your practice to review the patient’s data, ensuring you meet Medicare review requirements to be reimbursed.
  • Immediately see which patients have elevated readings and those still pending RPM services for the month.
  • pre-created patient reporting template streamlines the patient review using best practice clinical guidelines.


  • Total monthly potential reimbursement per patient: $136.50
  • Total annual potential reimbursement per patient: $1632.60

Medicare pays $770.00 per patient per year, to remotely monitor patients, representing $630k in potential yearly revenue for the average PCP with 800 Medicare patients.

How family practice used technology to overcome barriers to chronic care management?


  • Treating a senior population with chronic conditions.
  • Removing patient barriers to receive timely care.


  • Provides insight into patient’s conditions, while they’re at home.
  • Doesn’t make providers or patients download an app or learn complicated tech.


Gives practitioners a better understanding of how patients are doing on a regular basis, while providing additional revenue for the practice.

 Appointment Scheduling using Robotic Process Automation

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