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Cloud-Based EHR Integration Solutions

Our cloud-based EHR Integration solutions help hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices reduce medical billing costs by 70%, enabling a greater focus on clinical care and exceptional patient care.

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RCM and Practice Management Tools

Our RCM and Practice Management Tools provide modules to streamline claim filing, reducing manual effort. It is fully integrated for efficient RCM operations.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Our RPM services are equipped with advanced features and cutting-edge solutions, allowing you to care for those in need, regardless of location.

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Telehealth Services

Facilitates remote healthcare for hospitals, clinics, providers, and patients, resulting in improved patient care and comfort.

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Patient Engagement Solutions

Keeps patients connected to clinics and hospitals, reducing the communication gap, improving clinical and financial communications, and enhancing patient satisfaction.

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Chronic Care Management Services

Our CCM provides a range of features to support providers and patients in managing and preventing chronic conditions.

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Automated EHR Eligibility Verification Platform

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24/7 RCM WorkFlow

Why 24/7 RCM service could be the game changer? At an average, a Medical Practice loses close to 16 hrs of RCM productivity, every day. You can start turning your revenue around with our 24/7 service - Starting today!

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EMR Claims Processing

Once you submit your claims, our systems automatically review all of your claims and return internal validation reports to highlight claims with missing information, such as missing provider or group numbers, missing patient information, or incorrect policy numbers.

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BillingBridge is a secure, HIPAA compliant, mobile app built for Smartphone users. We make data mining and tracking key metrics easy. Get daily, weekly and monthly financial reports, delivered right into your Smartphone.

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Specialized EHR services offered by BillingParadise

We specialize in creating custom health apps that meet HIPAA standards for Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management (PM), Telehealth, Chronic Care Management, and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Our expertise in healthcare and technology results in improved overall outcomes.

BillingParadise facilitates secure data exchange with healthcare systems through access to clinical information. We support HL7 Version 2 and Version 3, FHIR, SMART, CDA, and X12. From consultation to data management, we are committed to timely service.

Streamline digital tasks using highly accurate, consistent, and cost-effective automation robots. Our team designs and customizes robots to meet your practice's specific needs. Additionally, we ensure efficient operation with a high degree of accuracy through effective bot management.

Our innovative approach to AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) merge cutting-edge technology with real-time applications, and Healthcare industry expertise such as HBMA and MGMA benchmark KPIs allows us to deliver faster, improved insights from data creating sustainable healthcare solutions.

Overcome your business challenges with BillingParadise’s cloud transformation services, including continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. BillingParadise cloud data and cybersecurity solutions are PHI HIPAA compliant creating healthcare cloud RCM operations with minimal cyber security risks.

Ensure compliance with HIPAA, Meaningful Use (MU), Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) while securing your Electronic Health Records (EHR) through proven security measures. Safeguard your patients' health information for improved healthcare.

EHR Automation Services

Our RPA programmers can automate all processes of RCM and medical billing operations in your EHR

Scope of EHR Automation

  • RPA automates all levels of RCM processes in EHRs.
  • Decreasing RCM operation costs by 60%.
  • Pre-billing cycle process EHR automation using RPA.
  • RPA bot’s OCR, NLP, and ML engines read and record data in EHR.
  • RPA implementation in EHR increases productivity, quality, and accuracy.

Compliance and Certifications

HL7 international
ICD10 AAPC certified
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001

What our clients got to say about us

Photograph of Dr. Conrad H. Knudson, a healthcare professional partnering with Billing Paradise for exceptional medical billing services

Conrad H Knudson M.D

Biggest help is getting the billing done very quickly and getting it to insurers on timely manner and getting to see the reimbursement quickly.

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Dr. Arnold K Carothers

They stunned me with the question, is your billing office closed 16 hours per day? I couldn’t have ask for a better partner in billing.

Improved efficiency through automation

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Will Conner MD

With in 10 business days I received my first EFT's into my bank account which is proof of their BillingParadise’s aggressive follow up after billing the claims! My clinic did not sink. We are floating now thanks to BillingParadise.

How Paul A Tapia MD saved her Orthopedic EMR Practice from claims denials ? - A Case Study

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