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BillingParadise started in 2004 as a small medical billing company with big dreams. We wanted to enable group practices, hospitals, clinics and independent medical practice practices to run a healthcare organization without the pressure of working for a certain bottom-line.

BillingParadise pushes the envelope to deliver revenue cycle management services that empowers medical practices to stay on top of financial and regulatory challenges. We’ve tailored our services to align with value based care reimbursement models. Our RCM experts offer guidance on selecting and attaining MACRA regulations. And our RCM automation tools put the power of data in your hands.

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There is a difference between working with experts and average medical billers. It is the difference between being paid and not. Between negotiating, better performing contracts, and not. It is the difference between working with BillingParadise & the rest.

value based care

Transition to value based care

We support your healthcare organization’s transition into the challenging value based reimbursement landscape.


Patient financials

Adapt to the era of healthcare consumerism with our patient billing experts. Drive up patient net pay collections.

specialty focused

Specialty focused

We have specialized teams of medical coders who hold specialty specific certifications to handle your coding tasks.

Why BillingParadise

We constantly push the envelope to provide truly transformative revenue cycle management services. BillingParadise is always a step ahead & a step towards your needs. A few benefits of working with us.

  • Powerful suite of RCM analytics and KPI tracking tools optimize financial performance
  • Assured 98% first pass claim acceptance rate and 97% medical coding accuracy.
  • 24/7 workflow to reduce AR backlogs and accelerate your revenue cycle
  • We equip you to scale up and streamline operations to handle value based reimbursement models
  • Technical and professional capabilities that minimize downtimes, delays and loss of productivity
  • Industry specified security regulations adhered to. State of the art data security systems and encryption protocols.
  • Save 16 hours a day

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BillingParadise has offices across California, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Tennessee, Connecticut and Minnesota. We offer on-site medical billing, coding and code auditing support. So rest assured you’re not working with a biller who is miles and time zones away from you. But a trusted biller, who’s just down the street.

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The amazing people behind the awesome results you see!

founder and CEO

Sivakumar Sadayappan

Sivakumar Sadayappan is the founder and CEO of BillingParadise. He is a first-generation entrepreneur who has mastered the intersection of technology, financial management, workflow planning and strives to stay ahead of the curve in the tumultuous healthcare industry.

He’s been a part of the shifting healthcare space for the last 19+ years. Whether it is ideating and developing revenue cycle management technology that healthcare providers can pivot to or providing services that keep the client front and centre, he strives to solve the acute pain points of BillingParadise’s customers.

His success has been founded on the belief in building strong teams and providing constant training to equip employees stay in step with evolving healthcare regulations. His visionary leadership has steered and propelled BillingParadise to become one of the fastest growing revenue cycle management companies. A proponent of shared leadership, his values and attitude reflect in the workplace atmosphere of BillingParadise.

Chief operating Officer

Manick Rajendran

With more than 30 years of experience, as the Chief Strategy Officer, Manik strives to build a formidable healthcare company working for the development of a comprehensive, inclusive strategic plan and growth strategy.


Soujanya Prakash

Soujanya, with 25 years in business and HR, excels in fostering high-performance workplaces, driving organizational success through strategic HR leadership and vibrant cultural development.


Spencer Brown

With a decade of operational mastery, Spencer is a mastermind in strategic planning and coordination, he shapes operations to sync seamlessly with the organization's vision, both immediate and future-focused.


Soma Nathan

Excels in sales and marketing with 17 years in healthcare and B2B. He drives brand growth, lead generation, and company success in the complex healthcare market

Chief Growth Officer

James Woods

James Woods brings 25 years of billing, technology, and healthcare leadership experience to Billing Paradise. His deep domain knowledge of payor trends, billing statistics, and RPA (robotic process automation) will drive significant value to all BillingParadise clients.

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Automate and bring your revenue cycle up to speed with our feature-rich, secure, user friendly revenue cycle management tools

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Know the financial strengths and weaknesses of your medical practice with our comprehensive and accurate practice analysis report

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