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Are you an AdvancedMD User? Or migrating to AdvancedMD EHR?

You are at the right place! BillingParadise is the certified AdvancedMD billing services provider for Healthcare Organizations needing:

  • Data Migration
  • Training & Support
  • End-to-End RCM
  • RPA bots at a 30% lesser cost
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Latest 5010 and ICD 10 coding standards

BillingParadise’s AdvancedMD Billing Services

We have been helping healthcare organizations in their AdvancedMD revenue cycle. With a strong reputation in the space for 18+ years and AdvancedMD outsource billing resources, we offer solutions to operational drawbacks in AdvancedMD billing. BillingParadise aims to incorporate cutting-edge technology into AdvancedMD Revenue Cycle with 24/7 Support resources.

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Our 24/7 AdvancedMD RCM Process

Healthcare Organizations We Support

AdvancedMD Billing Services offered for AdvancedMD EHR Users

Large multi-facility specialty medical practices and the biggest specialty physician group practices can benefit from the expertise of our experienced team of specialty AdvancedMD billing service experts and certified coders. We can assist these practices in managing their revenue cycle and streamlining their AdvancedMD medical billing, coding, and AdvancedMD AR processes. Our services aim to minimize denials and improve the financial performance of these organizations.

BillingParadise's co-management system helps practices avoid the burden of frequent changes in billing staff. With TeamBillingBridge, our workflow management software, practices can combine their billing department with our billing staff to provide detailed productivity reports. We work together with your in-house team to increase your revenue.

BillingParadise can supply you with full-time employees (FTEs) to handle all major AdvancedMD revenue cycle processes. Our experienced and certified professionals can improve efficiency and adapt to industry changes, all at affordable prices. Hiring our team also means zero training costs, as our professionals are already well-versed in AdvancedMD EHR and specialty.

AdvancedMD Medical Billing Compatible RCM Tools

AdvancedMD EHR Automation (RPA)

Large medical groups and hospitals hiring too many AdvancedMD billing staff can be very expensive according to the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics. Most of the AdvacedMD RCM and AdvancedMD medical billing processes can be automated using Robotic Process Automation Bots.

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BillingParadise's AdvancedMD Medical Billing Services

Our AdvancedMD RCM workflow process benefit is definitely greater than that of the in-house billing team of your practice or multi-specialty clinic. Our advantages are given below:

  • Certified AdvancedMD billing services specialists use AdvancedMD EHR to the fullest
  • BillingParadise + AdvancedMD EHR - This winning combination will increase your revenue inflow and productivity
  • We will pay for your EHR subscription cost
  • Successfully connected with existing EMR/EHR software and Medical practice mangement
  • We follow HIPAA Compliance and HL7 Messaging Standards

Workflow advantage with BillingParadise

Our workflow process is 24X7X365; this means that we are accessible around the clock. Our workflow process benefit is definitely greater than that of the in-house billing team of your practice or multi-specialty clinic as stated by AdvancedMD reviews. We have an adequate workforce to handle this non-stop process in the most efficient and appreciable manner.

Specialty Focused Billing services

We have specialized teams of AAPC certified medical billing specialist who hold speciality specific
certifications to handle your billing and claims management