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BillingParadise Meets 18 Hospital RCM Vendor KPI’s by Black Book

To transition to value based care

To be successful and meet the value expectations of the reform based healthcare environment, healthcare organizations need to follow a multi-pronged approach to contain costs, increase revenue capture and improve quality metrics.

You need…

It requires advanced business intelligence, top-of-the line revenue management strategies and a revenue cycle partner who is willing to roll with the punches to help you achieve optimal financial performance.

Why BillingParadise?

BillingParadise offers scalable, secure, customized, round the clock revenue cycle management services to healthcare organizations. We have the people, workflow and technology to help you reach your financial goals faster and easier. Not convinced? You’ve heard these lines before. Probably from a smooth talking sales executive or a PMS vendor who also wanted to palm off his incompetent revenue cycle management services to you. Well, here are 18 quick reasons why and how BillingParadise will work for you.

Revenue cycle and workflow management tools for hospitals


1. Powerful suite of innovative RCM tools

We have smart revenue cycle assessment tools such as theBillingBridge, DenialAnalyzer, CodePro etc., power your organization with our custom-built reporting tools.


2. Integrated with the system you use

Our apps and tools are integrated with major EHRs. You don't have to switch between systems. theBillingBridge is integrated with Kareo and a host of other major EHRs.


3. Transparent reporting dashboards

We’re HIPAA compliant and send on-demand reports for accountability and transparency. Our realtime reporting dashboards and periodical billing take the guesswork out of making critical financial decisions.


4. Leveraging technology for optimal results

We use technology to accelerate the revenue cycle of our clients and achieve amazing outcomes. Our suite of RCM tools will help you take informed business decisions, make financial forecasts, track the progress of your claims cycle in realtimes

Customer focused services RCM services for health systems

list No line in the sand approach

  • 5. Flexible pricing options and customizable services
  • 6. We offer as much or as little support as you need
  • 7. We also offer interim management services to meet short-term demands.
  • 8. We tailor our workflow and processes to intersect with yours.
  • 9. Our technical support team help you to customize templates, pick-lists and reports.

team We are “your” team

  • 10. We have expert teams and we train and groom them to improve performances
  • 11. We help clients identify cost-saving areas such as cost-effective payment models etc.,
  • 12. We only make promises that can be delivered
  • 13. We offer on-site medical coding and billing support.
  • 14. 7 specialist teams to reengineer your revenue cycle

Best of class data security and communication options


15. We’re never incommunicado

Though we work remotely we are always accessible.

map location

16. We’re just a holler away

Clients can reach us easily. Your dedicated account manager will act as a bridge between you and us.

security system

17. State of the art systems

We offer top-notch data security. All data storage devices are banned and we have a 24/7 data security team.

24/7 work

18. Minimal downtimes

We work 24/7 and there’s no workflow lag. We have strong technical infrastructure.

Powerful RCM tools

Automate and tighten your revenue cycle

  • ContractEdge

    Scrutinizes insurer compliance with contractual terms and audit remittances.

  • CodePro

    Lists out top paying CPT codes so users know where to focus on to drive up revenue.

  • ClaimCheck

    Inbuilt claims scrubbing tools to increase your first pass claim acceptance rate.

rcm tools

  • DenialManager

    Maps denial reason codes to identify denial trends and address problem areas.

  • ARAnalyzer

    Prioritizes and organizes pending AR into buckets based on age, claim value & insurer.

  • theBillingBridge

    Provides extensive net collection reports that detail insurer and patient collections.


Well. The proof is in the pudding

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