Automate Your Accounts Receivable with CleAR AI - Collect More. Faster

Shatter the barriers within A/R teams, enhance transparency, and empower informed decision-making for a robust financial future through seamless end-to-end integration of AR automation AI.

The ultimate solution for your pending AR problem

CleAR, an AR automation AI Workflow Management Solution, organizes AR Analysts' tasks in a sequential flow, ensuring order and dependencies. It automates task management, file handling, reporting, and quality control, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

Optimized Resource Utilization


Enhanced Efficiency

Faster Reimbursement

Implement CleAR and start collecting what you are owed!

CleAR AI Accounts Receivable Automation Workflow

CleAR gives complete and immediate visibility into each claim

The Need for Accounts Receiveable and Workflow AI Automation

“According to MGMA 19% to 35% of AR days are 120+ for most healthcare organizations”

Healthcare organizations must collect owed funds to sustain clinical, patient care, and revenue cycle operations. Pending AR and inefficient processes delay collections and impact monthly revenue.

  • Administrative Overload
  • Payment Delays
  • Collections Accountability
  • Core Functions

CleAR - Accounts Receivable Automation AI Features

Clarify your AR with the utmost Clarity

01. Analyzes and Isolates AR Data

02. Reduction in Manual Work Hours

03. Increase in Collections

04. Accurate Reporting

05. Increase in Productivity

06. Reduction in Bad Debts Write-Off

Enhance your team's efficiency with voice AI technology

Voice AI takes care of the tedious phone call process, allowing your employees to concentrate on the most important interactions. Say goodbye to endless hold music and confusing phone navigation of health plans and payers.




Phone IVR navigation










Agent Connect



The Benefits of Using CleAR

Error Reduction Error Reduction
Accurate Reporting Accurate Reporting
Improved Quality Improved Quality
Customized Workflow Customized Workflow


Our journey to optimize revenue and financial operations led us to embrace CleAR's automation. This game-changing solution has significantly improved our revenue cycles, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently.

- Hospital CFO

CleAR has seamlessly integrated with our complex healthcare systems. As a CTO, I've been impressed with its scalability and robust security features. It not only aligns with our digital transformation goals but also enhances the overall revenue cycle.

- Health System CTO

In the ever-evolving world of revenue cycle management, CleAR has been a game-changer for our organization. Our team can now focus on strategic initiatives rather than speding time on manual task.

- Director of Revenue Cycle

Results of Automating Accounts Receivable:


Reduction in Manual Work Hours


Decrease in AR


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Collections

Get Clear about your AR with CleAR!

CleAR boosts efficiency with streamlined workflows, reducing manual interventions for faster claim resolution.

It automates tasks, saves time, and standardizes processes to minimize errors. With improved resource management and reporting, CleAR enhances work quality and accelerates revenue realization.

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