Physician Revenue Cycle Management Services


Achieve Revenue Growth across both payment structures

Expert Billing Teams
24/7 workflow, CMRS certified billers, support for transitioning to value based payments and an array of powerful Billing tools.
Reduction in Account Receivables
Super-charge your financial decision-making with our practice analysis report.
First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate
We improve the bottom lines of companies and other establishments has been to freeze, cap or slash reimbursements.

Increase Efficiency & Revenue with End-to-End Physician Billing Services

If you are running a solo practice, the key issue may be the human resources who mayn't have enough expertise in the end-to-end billing process. Even if you get someone, the salary demand may be more than your budget.
Beside this key hiccup, there are many other setbacks and questions because of which many physicians have been approaching us:

  • Why my practice is getting frequent denials?
  • How to avert federal policy infringement penalties?
  • What makes my bad-debt management go out-of-kilter?
  • What are the impeding factors against my techno-clinical workflow?
  • Is it good to go with my current EMR/ EHR (electronic medical/ health record)?

Decant your queries to us – We scrutinize your practice, make you experience the change through our proficiency and get you delighted."With technology, dedication and expertise we track every single dollar of your medical insurance claims and get you maximum reimbursements on-time".

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Full cycle RCM Tools for Independent Practices

Automate Patient Eligibility Tool

Our smart automation simplifies, modernizes and quickens workflows. Our software interfaces securely and seamlessly with your EHR system.

Denial Management Software

Denial information is automatically extracted from your EHR/PMS/billing software once it’s integrated with your existing system.

AR Management Software

Your AR information is instantly extracted and stored in AR Analyzer to cut short on time and unnecessary workarounds.

Full spectrum revenue cycle management services

Gain optimal reimbursement across both payment structures. Mitiagate compliance risks. Improve medical coding efficiency. Modular and full cycle RCM support.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue cycle management services that cover a lot of ground! Tighten and increase the efficiency of your front-end, mid, and back-end revenue cycle.

  • Reduce cost to collect
  • Work with 7 specialized RCM teams
  • Gain a 98% first pass claim acceptance rate
  • Improve net collections and drive yield improvement
  • Transition to value based care without revenue risks
  • High impact solutions to increase cash flow
  • Top of the line medical billing services
  • In compliance with prescribed data security standards
  • Lower your denial rate and increase billing efficiency
Revene cycle management services

Know how

We can transform your revenue cycle

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Our 24/7 medical billing service offers you:

  • Maximum reimbursement of your claims
  • Quick and efficient billing cycle
  • Significant reduction to your operational costs
  • Round the clock medical billing process
  • Scalable and customer focused billing solutions

See how our medical billing services enhance bottomline benefits

Specialty Focused Billing Services

We have specialized teams of AAPC certified medical billing specialist who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your billing and claims management

Medical Coding Services

With our medical coding services you can

Medical coding is a complex job. Our certified medical coding experts, code auditors and quality analysts guarantee 99.2% coding accuracy. Is your coding process on the right path? Schedule a call with our medical coding and auditing expert Holly Casano to find out.

  • Stay compliant with NCCI regulations
  • Solve coder retention and vacancy bottlenecks
  • Minimize coding errors and DNFB
  • Improve coding throughput

Find out why our medical coding services is your best bet

Specialty Focused Coding Services

We have specialized teams of AAPC certified medical coding specialist who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your coding and compliance management

AR Follow up / Calling Service

Power your AR management process

  • Old ARAre you struggling with a huge AR backlog?
  • Medical billing questionDo you want capture every billed dollar?
  • AR calling processIs your AR follow up process a mess?

Affordable AR calling prices

Are you tired of paying inflated AR calling bills? Whittle down not just on outstanding AR but AR calling costs as well. We offer both insurer and patient calling services.

Learn more about our AR management & AR calling services

AR followup and collections

Provider credentialing services

Superfast credentialing services

Our credentialing/re-credentialing team help independent practices, healthcare organizations and independent medical practices across the country to credential effortlessly with federal, private and workers compensation payers. We also offer clearinghouse enrolment services and EDI support. Bid goodbye to downtimes and lengthy credentialing processes.

Our credentialing team:

  • Offer Medicare revalidation support
  • Maintain your CAQH profile
  • Handle managed care contracting issues
  • Reduce credentialing TAT

Get your organization and providers credentialed easily

Build your own RCM team by hiring affordable FTEs

Grade C
  • Patients’ Insurance Eligibility
  • Claims Creation and Transmission
  • Following-up with denied claims
  • EOBs and ERAs
  • Patient / Insurance AR Management-Mailing
Grade B
  • ICD 10 Coding Expert
  • AR & Denial Analysis Expert
  • Coding Analyst
  • Billing Auditor
  • Claim Management Expert
Grade A
  • Team Co-ordinator
  • RCM Team Lead
  • Revenue Auditor
  • Denial & AR Manager
  • EDI & ERA automation expert

BillingParadise Is A Paradise For Billing

- Theresa, Laima OB GYN

EHRs we work with

At BillingParadise we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.

Credentials of the BillingParadise

  • medical billing services Knowledge Transition managers with Operation experience
  • medical coding services Onsite Account Management and Client Services
  • medical service provider Coding team with an average 6 years of coding experience both in professional and independent practices coding
  • Billing services for independent practices Adjudication process team with an average of 4 plus years of experience in HMO, PPO and Commercial plans
  • medical billing coding services Coding-American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) for independent practices and Professional
  • medical billing coding company American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) – CCS
  • medical billing company Professional Healthcare Institute of America (PHIA) - CCP's
  • medical coding company Medical Billing - Professional Healthcare Institute of America (PHIA) - CMBS