AR Management Service for Independent Practices

Collect More and Faster

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Experience in the industry

BillingParadise has 15+ years of experience in working with Hospital, health systems and Hospital.

Dedicated customer support with thousands of calls handled per year by Billing Paradise, ensuring excellent service

More calls = more $$ collected

Our team of 150+ AR callers ensure your AR management services are super-efficient. We make 1701000 calls annually.

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HFMA Standards

All our AR management services meet and exceed HFMA benchmarks. We have developed tools based on HFMA benchmarks.

Our Independent Practice AR Management Service Workflow

 Indepedent AR Management Service

Maximize Collections of your practice with our AR Experts

Calculate your HFMA AR Aging Benchmarks

The power of automation in your hands…

Our Independent Practice AR Management service highlights

AR caller with security

Our affordable AR recovery and management service helps you lower internal costs

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Advanced knowledge of healthcare insurers’ payment mechanisms

automation calling

BillingParadise follows a tried and tested call structure that makes a tangible difference to your outstanding receivables


Our AR management system integrates AR processes & offers advanced AR metrics

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We Reduce pending AR, eliminate AR cycle lags & automate processes with AR Automation

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We isolate high risk receivables to enable quicker follow-up

Dedicated 24/7 accounts receivable (AR) team at Billing Paradise, ensuring round-the-clock support for revenue management

24/7 AR team

Analysis performed by offshore day time and follow up done during onshore business hours. Real 24*7 to BillingParadise customers. This reduces follow up time with insurance carriers and expedites reimbursement

  • Specialty/account specific teams
  • Account Specific dedicated team
  • Account Specific dedicated SPOC
  • Engagement of onsite and offshore model for prompt and better services.


Independent function in the Organization

  • Entry level Training Programs
  • Refresher programs for Skill enhancement
  • Stringent Evaluation methods
  • Continuing Education sessions based on HFMA & HBMA courses
Comprehensive training programs by Billing Paradise, equipping staff with the skills and knowledge for efficient healthcare billing
Office of Inspector General (OIG) compliance symbolizing Billing Paradise's commitment to adherence to healthcare regulations


BillingParadise has its strict internal billing compliance plan as per the requirements of OIG for third party billing companies. Our team bonded by this compliance plan Disciplinary actions initiated for non-adherence

Service Level Agreement (SLA) icon representing Billing Paradise's commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare revenue management services

Independent practices who sign service level agreements with BillingParadise can be assured of year-over-year improvement in yield. To drive movement towards best practice, we use HFMA MAP keys to compare performance of your AR and set targets against industry standards.

AR management software

Review information at a glance

It eliminates the need to run multiple reports. View AR summaries at a glance

AR Management tool

Analyses and isolates AR data

AR Analyzer automatically isolates high risk receivables

AR Management system

In-depth reports

Detailed AR reports that will enable you to manage AR days and AR relationships with payers

Download Our Independent Practice AR Service Casestudy

See how a large integrated healthcare system based in Dallas successfully reduced outstanding AR and reduced average days in AR by 60%

AR Management CASE STUDY