AR Management Services

Wind down legacy receivables with 24/7 AR resolution services

BillingParadise offers technology powered AR recovery services to enable hospitals and health systems to liquidate legacy AR. Free up revenue backlogs with a team that works 24/7 to do just that. Reduce days in AR and bad debt. We will show you how.

24/7 AR recovery services: Save 16 hours a day. We work 24/7 and whether you are a health system or a hospital we get the end goal and work towards it

Decrease costs: Reduce the cost of AR management and inject more cash flow into your organization

Gain more flex: We customize our AR resolution services to align with various payment models and settings of care. We are flexible and responsive to your needs.

Tech powered: AR Analyzer, our AR management platform helps to liquidate the most difficult to collect AR dollars

We quarterback your entire accounts receivable operations

AR is recovered at any stage of the aging bucket so you don't have to give up on the 180+ days pending AR dollars. We follow an effective methodology to handle every single segment of your AR cycle. Lower internal expenses and close out AR backlogs quickly.

Hire the Best AR Team now!

BillingParadise's AR Management Service Workflow

 Hospital AR Management Service

The right follow up team to whittle down your AR

Do you need to work down a huge volume of difficult to resolve accounts?

Is your aging AR a major strain on your revenue cycle?

Do you want to optimize account resolution and insurer payments?

BillingParadise offers AR follow-up services that will improve your cash flow and organize your AR workflow to meet best practice standards.

Handpicked content: An integrated health system in Dallas winds down AR with BillingParadise's ARM services

Our AR follow up teams understand insurer payment mechanisms and enable your medical practice to zero down on your aging receivables. We follow work lists that prioritize AR based on age and dollar value. Our sophisticated AR management software speeds up revenue recovery efforts and helps you stay in the loop through on-demand AR summaries and reports.

Specialty Focused Billing Services

We have specialized teams of AAPC certified medical billing specialist who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your billing and claims management