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It is old news that doctors are bending over backwards to meet evolving standards and regulations. It is a battle of patients versus bottomline. So, you have doctors staring into computer screens and trying to remember the nearest code to the patient’s ailment, while attending to patients.

To complete tasks on time a physician should, ideally work, 20 hours a day, if not more ! With an increasing number of newly insured patients and pressure to meet compliance deadlines, to smartle resources is to commit professional kamikaze.

When 8 hours are barely enough !              

Converting medical procedures into billable data is not half as easy as it sounds. Medical codes are regularly revised and insurer regulations are not constant either. In a dynamic and fast-paced industry like healthcare, it is important that physicians roll with the punches. Even as doctors rush between appointments, there are medical billing chores to handle.

Most, small and medium sized medical practices have a small in-house billing team, who may not be able to cope with the enormous of volume of work involved. It is not just billing that takes a hit.

Due to limited manpower and resources, important workflow processes such as appointment scheduling and eligibility verification, are not given much time or thought. As only so much can be in eight hours.

The round-the-clock approach to revenue management…

When you can order dinner at 3AM why wait for an entire week or more to process claims ? Yes, medical billing firms that understand the pressures and demands of the healthcare field, offer 24/7 revenue cycle management support. The biggest advantage of working with such a firm is that claims are processed the same day of a patient’s visit.

This means lesser lag at the front end revenue cycle that helps in lightening the load at the back-end.

Assign medical codes or file new claims ?

A packed eight hour workday and competing priorities can make even the most diligent in-house medical biller, feel frustrated and lost. The revenue cycle of a medical practice consists of varied and fragmented components, and it takes more than just 8 hours to unify different processes.

A 24/7 workflow can ensure a quicker and smoother path to payment. The billing process is not riddled with confusion, mayhem and shifting priorities.

BillingParadise the pioneer in medical billing services offers 24/7 revenue cycle management care and has 7 specialist teams to handle the financial workflow of medical practices.

Here is the presentation on ” Transform your revenue cycle through 24×7 RCM support ” which helps to improves revenue cycle at your medical practice “

 Appointment Scheduling using Robotic Process Automation

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I’m a multi-certified revenue cycle management professional and compliance officer with 20+ years of experience. I contribute articles to leading healthcare publications and journals. I am currently working as Senior Transition Manager, in BillingParadise headquartered at Diamond Bar, California. BillingParadise offers Medical Billing Services that intersect perfectly with the EMR/Practice management system you use.BillingParadise has offices in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, and Texas.

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