Lost Revenue Recovery Audit

Do you leave money on the table?
Here is a chance to unearth lost revenue opportunities by CPMAs (Certified Professional Medical Auditors) and Billing Veterans.

You need this lost revenue recovery audit if…

  1. You’ve recently switched to a new EHR or billing software
  2. Your billing staff feel stressed because of new technology
  3. Your credentialing, re-credentialing, validating, re-validating tasks are not handled by certified professionals
  4. You are witnessing slow revenue growth

Rush Now & Save $1500 Per Practice

Your Lost Revenue Recovery Audit Report will be inclusive of

Top 10 Billing Errors

Find everything you've ever wanted with our search.

ICD 9-10 Coding Errors

Revenue lost due to medical coding errors.

Top Denial Reasons

Revenue loss due to repeated medical claim denials

Payer Collection Ratio

Insurance wise denial and impact on collection rates.

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It has really helped me to analyze the time and energy spent on increasing the revenue. I would call the reports as decision making factors.

Alice Bailey
Family Practitioner, Los Angeles

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