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Medical Billing Specialties And Revenue Cycle Management Services For Mid-Size And Large Specialty Medical Practices

At BillingParadise, we understand that medical billing specialties can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially for multi-specialty and specialty healthcare providers. That's why we offer comprehensive medical billing services that are tailored to the specific needs of different medical specialties in the United States.

Our team of experienced specialty billing experts and specialty-certified coders can help large multi-facility specialty medical practices and the largest specialty physician group practices manage their revenue cycle, and medical billing & coding processes, reduce denials and improve their bottom line.

  • Worked with 30+ specialties over 18 years.
  • Experienced staff with technology utilization.
  • 24/7 medical billing services and revenue cycle management.

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Why BillingParadise’s Medical Billing Specialties And Revenue Cycle Management Services?

Specialty Medical Billing And Revenue Cycle Management Services

Specialty Practices 7 Common Challenges

  • Dissatisfied with the billing/RCM service provided by your EHR/EMR provider.
  • Lack of knowledge about available technological solutions.
  • The current medical billing outsourcing partner has been negligent.
  • Facing challenges due to a lack of experienced staff.
  • Improper practice management.
  • Dealing with too many external audits.
  • Charge, AR, and denials unaddressed.

Over the course of 18+ years, we have worked with various medical billing specialties. Healthcare providers with particular specialties are always concerned
about the medical billing service providers they hire. Here is why BillingParadise differs from those medical billing companies:

Flexible and scalable staffing

Flexible and scalable staffing that can be customized according to your specialty.

experience in every healthcare specialty

Medical billers and coders with 5+ years of experience in every healthcare specialty in the industry.


Expertise in specialty-specific EMR/EHRs.

Chief of client services

Chief of client services with over 30 years of service with large medical specialty groups.

health plans

Experienced in various specialty-specific health plans/insurance

Strong presence USA

Strong presence in various locations in the United States.

Medical billing services for 30 medical specialties

Revenue Cycle Management,Coding ,Medical Billing Specialties Expertise For Your Medical and Physician Group Practice Specialties

We offer extensive experience in medical billing and coding across more than 30 different medical specialties. For almost two decades, we have been providing top-quality specialty medical billing and coding services, as well as accounts receivable management, to healthcare providers, physician practices, medical/clinical groups, and healthcare software providers. Our team has honed its skills and refined its processes to deliver services of the highest quality.

Our expertise spans a wide range of medical specialties, including

Offering Speciality Revenue Cycle Management Services For

Complete End-to-end Speciality RCM Services

Patient Appointment Scheduling

Patient Registration

Patient Eligibility, and Benefits Verification

Patient Demographics


Charge Capture and Entry

Coding and Coding Audit

Claim Transmission/Submission

Clearinghouse Rejection Resolution

Payment Posting and Reconciliation

Accounts Receivables (AR) Management

Denial Management

Submission of Additional Information and Appeals

Patient Statements

Patient Calling and Support

Analytics and Reporting

Customized RCM And Medical Billing Services For Speciality Physician Practices

Selective RCM process services

Want only certain RCM processes to be handled?
Fill your RCM process gaps without hassle using our Selective Revenue Cycle Management process services. Choose your desired medical biller, coder, Accounts Receivable and denial management experts of your choice.

Temporary RCM Resources

Too many staff attritions? or
lack of staff to perform a high volume of RCM process tasks? or
need temporary staff to cover during your staff vacation days?
Our Temporary RCM service is just what you need to hire experienced RCM staff for a short time.

Benefits Of Our Medical Billing Specialties And Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue Cycle Management Services

How Large physician practices, clinical groups, and multi-specialty medical groups should know this specialty revenue cycle management and medical billing services checklist:

  • Designated project managers and supervisors of direct client communication 24 hours a day
  • 24/7 RCM operations (functions both after hours and office hours for maximum support and productivity)
  • RCM technology solutions - Medical billing tools
  • Transparent productivity and project management system - TeamBillingBridge
  • Speed up your revenue cycle by reducing AR backlogs

Our Standard HBMA Benchmarks In KPI Metrics Reporting For Specialties


Days in Accounts Receivable (A/R)


Percentage of A/R Over 90 Days


Non-Contractual Write-Off Percentage


New Patient Ratio


Payer Mix


Referral Mix

Reporting Features

  • My Image Tracking of days in accounts receivable (AR).
  • My Image Calculate the average hold time, wait time and time to appointment for established patients.
  • My Image Analyses Total revenue and AR by provider.
  • My Image Evaluate rejection and denial rates.
  • My Image Number of patient encounters per provider monthly or quarterly.
  • My Image RVU (Relative Value Unit) tracking.
  • My Image Number of procedures performed per provider
  • My Image Calculating total payroll as a percentage.
  • My Image Calculate the average hold time, wait time and time to appointment for new patients.
  • My Image Assess adjustments as a percentage and dollar figure.
  • My Image KPI and daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
  • My Image Transparency regarding outsourced or in-house RCM performance.
  • My Image Designated project manager or supervisors to contact directly.
  • My Image 24-hour problem resolution TAT.

Proven Results Of Our Medical Billing Specialties & Revenue Cycle Management Services

Up to 98%

First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate

Up to 99%

Medical Coding errors Reduced

Up to 15%

Accounts Receivables Reduced

Up to 80%

Insurance collections improved

Up to 20%

RCM Operations costs reduced

Up to 90%

Claim denials reduced

Up to 40%

RCM Operations Costs Reduced

Up to 20%

Overall Cash Flow Increased

Up to 99%

Overall RCM Accuracy

Introducing AI and Robotic Process Automation Technology for Speciality Physician Practices, Hospitals, and Clinical/Medical Groups.

Compliance and Certifications

HL7 international
ICD10 AAPC certified
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001

Top Challenges Faced by Speciality Physician Practices, Hospitals, Clinical/Medical Groups:

Specialty practice CFOs, RCM directors, and Owners often ask us to solve common medical billing issues. Here are a few FAQs

Patient access, registration, and scheduling
  • Obtaining Incorrect patient data.
  • Unable to verify patient data and eligibility/benefits on call.
  • Network participation issues.
Charge capture and entry
  • Entry-level mistakes.
  • Incorrect capture of encounter data.
  • Unable to bill a huge volume of patient data.
Medical coding
  • Lack of experienced coding staff.
  • Unable to keep up with coding guidelines and updates.
  • No payer-centric or specialty coding expertise.
Payment posting
  • Unaware of overpayment recoupment.
  • Incorrect write-offs.
  • Less staff to perform payment reconciliation on paper checks.
AR and denial management
  • No staff to work piled up AR.
  • Lack of prioritization on AR days.
  • No denial tracking systems.
  • Inexperienced staff to perform denial management.
  • Lack of standard KPI and daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
  • No transparency regarding outsourced or in-house RCM performance.
  • No designated project manager or supervisors to contact directly.
  • Failing to hold up 24-hour problem resolution TAT.

Get paid Three times faster with our 24/7 medical billing services.

Work with medical billers who understand your EHR's billing process backwards and forwards

Avail Free RCM Audit Worth $2,000! Check out 19 different KPI reports that stops your cash flow.