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24/7 revenue cycle management services for Cardiology group practices

Recent reforms have changed the complexion of the healthcare industry. Cardiology group practices are pressurized to maintain a healthy cash flow and improve patient engagement amidst declining reimbursement. Managing the revenue cycle of group practices is expensive, variable, fragmented and complex. But it needn’t be that way anymore.

Effective and proven revenue cycle management strategies will help you increase net revenue and tighten your revenue cycle. Learn how our revenue management strategies for Cardiology group practices will help you increase bottom-line benefits and how analytics complement our revenue capture capabilities.

The bottom-line benefits

net revenue improvementNet revenue improvement

Increased regulatory complianceIncreased regulatory compliance

24/7 workflow24/7 workflow. 7 specialized teams

claim acceptance rate 98% first pass claim acceptance rate

RCM toolsRevenue cycle optimization tools

RCM processStandardized RCM processes


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Our Services

Prescriptive yet customized revenue cycle management services

practice management
Practice Management Services
Our practice management services for Cardiology group practices will help you handle everyday revenue cycle, accounting and medical billing functions more efficiently.
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credentialing service
Credentialing Services
We offer credentialing, Medicare revalidation support, obtain contracted allowables, help with NPI registration and handle managed care contracting issues.
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medical coding service
Medical Coding Services
Our medical coders are AAPC certified. They increase the coding throughput and efficiency of your Cardiology coding process. Reduce DNFB and increase revenue.
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6 RCM tools all Cardiology group practices should use

Your all-you-need-to-know guide for improving revenue

We've got you covered

See how we transform your biggest challenges into opportunities

bundled payment

Transitioning from the tried and tested fee for services model to the riskier (though more rewarding) value based payment environment can be tough on group practices. Bundled payments provide a middle path that makes the journey less stressful. The risk and rewards are arguably, the highest for cardiology practices. But bundled payments add more complexity to the billing and collections process and this is one reason why healthcare organizations are wary to adopt this model. You need a trusted partner to make the leap. And we are one for several cardiology group practices based in California, Texas and New Jersey.

A powerful tool to help you thrive in a bundled payment arrangement

The Physician Productivity Metrics Tracker tool will enable cardiology group practices to view the individual productivity scorecard, work RVUs, productivity metrics, charges, collections, productivity ratio and more, of physicians. Track and analyse a detailed scorecard of individual physicians in under 2 clicks. We put the power of accurate data in your hands so taking decisions and apportioning payments is no longer an irksome task.

Adopting or replacing an EHR will have far-reaching implications in the revenue cycle of a healthcare organization. To avoid financial risks and temporary setbacks in revenue work with our revenue management experts. With right strategies, teams and technology we help you transform a tough challenge into an opportunity for growth. We recommend revenue cycle best practices to maintain revenue cycle performance during the strenuous adoption/migration stage.

With our EHR focused revenue cycle management services cardiology group practices can:

  • Minimize workflow disruptions
  • Protect the revenue stream of your cardiology group practice
  • Ensure fiscal fitness throughout the transition phase

No sweat. We work with your EHR

At BillingParadise we love working with EHRs. We work with Allscripts, NextGen, eClinicalWorks, eMDs, Amazing Charts, Greenway, Cerner and several other major EHR and practice management systems every day. To know more about our EHR billing services for cardiology group practices click here.

We also offer:

  • Free EHR troubleshooting support
  • Template customization services
  • EHR implementation and ongoing support

EHR Support

Know how we helped a spine care center increase revenue

  • Inexperienced eClinicalWorks billers
  • No periodic follow-up on denied claims
  • Frequent patient billing errors
  • Haywire appointment schedules

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The backbone of all healthcare data is claims data. Tracking key revenue cycle performance metrics is essential to make process improvements and identify revenue leaks. A recent survey reveals that the top challenge faced by healthcare CFOS is tracking RCM metrics. Here’s finally a tool that gets it right.

theBillingBridge is a free revenue cycle reporting tool that will enable your Cardiology group practice to track revenue cycle metrics, view detailed collection reports, understand your claims cycle better and offer you full visibility of your RCM processes. It is built to work in the Smartphone environment and is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

It is integrated with several major PMS, EMRs and EHRs like Kareo. Data that is captured in your PMS is instantly available on theBillingBridge because it is seamlessly integrated with the system you use.

With theBillingBridge you can:

  • View your claims journey in realtime
  • Track insurer and patient payment reports separately
  • Schedule appointments quickly
  • Know the productivity scorecard of providers
  • Categorize and manage denials
  • Know your top paying CPTs and insurance companies
  • Communicate with your billing team within theBillingBridge

And a host of other secure, HIPAA compliant, customizable features! Sounds good? Please ask for a free demo of theBillingBridge to know why you should download it.


See how an Orthopedic hospital dealt with

  • High denial rates
  • Erroneous codes
  • Irregular workflow
  • Improper documentation
  • Untrained staffs

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Reports And Analytics

In your fingertips to take data-backed decisions

  • realtime reportsRealtime reports
  • RCM analyticsRCM Analytics
  • Intelligent scorecardsIntelligent scorecards
  • Easily navigableEasily navigable
  • contract analyticsContract analytics
  • capture KPIsCharge Capture KPIs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does BillingParadise have expert resources to work on our cardiology billing & coding needs?

Absolutely, we have cardiology billers and coders with years of experience and capabilities to satisfactorily accomplish your cardiology practice’s billing and coding needs with high consistency and absolute diligence.

2. Can we hire only your cardiology billers to support our billing needs?

Absolutely, we can designate expert billers with Cardiology practice’s reimbursement experience who will exclusively work for your billing office, and under your supervision.

3. Do you have AAPC certified coders to process cardiology coding?

We have AAPC certified coders, as well as AHIMA certified coders, each of our cardiology coders have between 3 to 5 years (Min) of coding experience working with multi-specialities. They are absolutely proficient applying correct cardiology specific CPT® and ICD-10-CM codes with accurate guidelines..

4. Can you provide cardiology client references?

We can definitely provide cardiology client references, give us a call at 1- 888-571-9069, our client management team would be more than willing to provide you the references.

5. What are the Cardiology EHR software you support?

We support varied Cardiology EHR software, including AdvancedMD, Kareo, NextGen, eClinicalworks to name just a few of the 20+ EHRs for which we have been lending our efficient billing services.

6. Can you audit and determine the revenue leakage in our specialty, before starting the billing process?

We certainly can, the RCM team will thoroughly review the internal workflow of two critical areas of the specialty, namely clinical and financial, which typically are responsible for revenue leakages. BillingParadise offers 19 detailed, meticulous and actionable reports that can help your cardiology clinic take the crucial first step. Our Lost Revenue Recovery Audit is conducted by AAPC certified coding experts who utilize the best code auditing technology.

7. Can you deploy on-site resources at our office premises?

Yes we absolutely can, provided we are notified a week in advance.

8. Can I partially outsource my cardiology RCM?

Sure you can, we typically know the needs of Cardiology practices, our capabilities can comprehensively or partially take care of your cardiology RCM needs, ensuring your practice receives every dollar for the services you've provided. our Billing and coding experts can work alongside an in-house RCM team of a cardiology clinic in their existing process, or as an outsourced company, exclusively for the process you would like BillilngParadise to proceed.

9. Can I utilise your billing services on a temporary trial basis?

Yes, we'll deploy our professional billing team, your cardiology practice would need to upload super bills through FTP, and patient demographics and charges will be processed through online or offline resources, the claims after being processed will be electronically submitted. Until the trial period, explanation of benefits (EOB) will be updated into the billing software on a day-to-day basis.

10. What are your cardiology billing service fees?

We offer four different pricing models to fit the needs of your health facility. 1) FTE - The Full Time Employee (FTE) pricing works on a 40-hours weekly cycle, exactly on the lines of how an organization hires an in-house biller. The hardware/software would be deployed by our company, while the FTE would be directly reporting to your organization. 2) Collection Model - This payment model entails a health organization to share a small percentage of total revenue collections accomplished by a vendor company through its own collection efforts and resources. 3) Co-Managed Resources - The Co-Managed resources will have the vendor company (BillingParadise) deploy its staff to coordinate with the health facility's in-house staff and share the workflow of the organization, be it for scheduling appointments or billing operations, the vendor company staff will be under the direct control of the health organizations administration. 4) Per Hour Basis - This model leverages small/medium/large practices to hire our billing staff on an hourly basis, for a minimum 10 hours a week. The fees payable will be on an hourly basis. This model is specifically suitable for small practices having limited billing workloads.

11. Does your company have experienced denial management staff to process Cardiology denials?

We have a dedicated denial management team designated specifically to process denials associated with multi-specialties, including cardiology. The team has extensive experience and knowledge applying relevant CPT®, ICD-10-CM codes and modifiers. Their capabilities include analysing common cardiology-specific denial trends, and accordingly implement changes to the denied claims before submitting them for reimbursement. We have our own Denial management Software that identifies, isolates, quantifies and categorizes your cardiology practice’s denials to help us lower your denial rate and spot revenue leakage sources. Know more about Our Denial Software here

12. Give us an update on the top cardiology denials codes that have been worked upon in the recent past?

These are some of the cardiology codes ICD-9-CM 411.1, ICD-9-CM 427.41, ICD-9-CM 427.81 and ICD-9-CM 428.0 that were denied and subsequently were reworked for submitting the claim.


Well. The proof is in the pudding

    We offer RCM services for...

  • Cardiac Surgery

  • Pediatric Cardiology

  • Neurosurgery

  • Sports Medicine

  • CInterventional Cardiology

  • Chiropractic

  • Rheumatology

  • Obstetric cardiology

Specialized Support

An answer for your every need

Billing & Collections

Do you want a powerful Cardiology for your billing aches? BillingParadise is your answer. Our Cardiology billing experts can up your collections ratio and decrease workflow hassles. And the best aspect of working with us is that we have a solution for every concern of yours.

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Most Cardiology practices struggle with revenue loss after a compliance update. At BillingParadise we minimize regulatory pressures by staying on top of evolving regulations and ensuring that your practice is completely compliant. Mitigate the risk of non-compliance and eliminate audit risks.

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EMR Support

Contain costs with our Cardiology EHR/EMR billing support. Missed dinner again?Most users complain that an EHR adds to the number of hours they work. We bill and process claims within your EHR system so you can get back home early. And spend less time worrying about,whether you fed your system with the right billing information.

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Old AR

BillingParadise's stand alone old AR clean up / recovery service will let you submit accurate & error free claims. Which means our dedicated AR management team will follow up with your old unpaid claims. We will assign you a dedicated insurance specific calling team who knows the language of your payer. Our AR callers are cardiology specific, trained and certified professionals.

Calculate Your Pending AR

RCM Services

Optimize the many moving parts of your revenue cycle with BillingParadise’s cardiology revenue cycle management services. Our certified revenue cycle specialists will improve the compliance and performance of your cardiology RCM processes.

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