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"Best Amazing Charts Billing services available in Billingparadise "

Resort to the best EHR Amazing Charts available in the market.

We also provide you with our trusted medical billing providers like BillingParadise.

With AmazingCharts you are sure to increase your efficiency and reduce your data-entry expenses.

This could have a positive effect on your collections.

Amazing Charts with its Futuristic features:

AmazingCharts, the EHR rated no.1 for its usability and affordability is ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certified.

The EHR facilitates a thorough documentation of a patient’s medical encounter in the most efficient and amicable way ever possible.

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Our 24/7 AmazingCharts RCM Process

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AmazingCharts Revenue Cycle Management Workflow Structure

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EMR/EHR's RCM Service
Getting you a daily report on Patients’ Insurance Eligibility info, Procedure Eligibility info, Co-pay, Deductible, Insurance Pre-authorization info and Patients’ Pre-existing Condition info before 8:00 am local time. Only Insurance Eligiblity Info is avaialble.
Medical Coding and Coding Analysis by dedicated specialty specific Certified Medical Coders (CPC) for maximum reimbursement and to zero down denials.
Creating clean claims. 7 expert podiatry billing teams who offer specialized services across the breadth of your entire billing cycle
Claim Scrubbing to zero down denials.
Transmitting claims to the insurance companies within 12 hours from the time of visit.
Acting on clearing house report instantly
Following-up with the insurance companies over the phone from the seventh day of claim transmission.
Posting the EOBs and ERAs.
Following-up with denied claims (Denial Management) and resubmitting claims on the same day
but not on the same day
Patient AR Management-Mailing-out patient statements-placing follow-up phone calls to get patients’ responsibilities collected.
Answering the patients’ questions on their responsibilities by having them call us on our dedicated toll-free number.
Access to summary/progress/analysis reports through iPhone/iPad/Blackberry.
but access only to a few reports
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The EHR application is speedy, well-organized and uncomplicated in every aspect when compared to most other EHR applications available in the market.

Innate and innovative solutions for your needs:

This software is sure to serve a remedy for your long time piled up documentation works in the most influential manner much better to EHRs those cost hundreds and thousands of dollars more. We have solutions for every need of yours. Be it charting or scheduling or messaging or prescribing we can offer you a rapid, proficient and affordable solution in a transparent manner that most EHR providers generally pass over.

Bundle of solutions at affordable price:

Though the software is bundled with creative solutions for all your needs, it is presented with free trail offer for three months after which it is outlaid for 1,995$ per provider. The cost of the software includes updates, e-prescribing along with the stunning Guardian Angel Technical support exclusively for the users of Amazing Chart EHR.

Value for your money:

The producers of this magnificent software have only offered a product that is on-date but steps are taken to maintain it up to date. Amazing Charts is persistently modernized by incorporating the suggestions and ideas of the vast number of users meant the physicians spread throughout the globe. The software is open to any kind of updates that could ease out the workload of millions of its present and future users. This justifies the fact that Amazing Charts is an EHR designed by physicians for physicians.

Back again to pills from bills:

Doctors can now go back to prescribing pills rather than filing bills. Throw your worries away and embrace Amazing Charts. As the name describes many users across the nation are amazed at their ability to adapt to Amazing Charts. This embrace of technology can save your practice from penalization.

BillingParadise support to Amazing Chart users:

BillingParadise is one of the oldest players in the Medical Billing market. BillingParadise extends its service wing to Amazing Chart users. We are at your service to work effectively on your billing processes and collections and refurbish the same as your possession.

It’s time for besieged health care facilities to realize that they have mountains to move in front of them in terms of collection and its crunch time for practices to acclimatize a tactful progress in making out the creepy-crawly that really affects your productivity and try to get away from it by outsourcing their medical billing needs to a trusted partner like BillingParadise.

Do call us to know more about our services @1-(888)-571-9069 or fill out the form here.

Specialized Support

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Billing & Collections

BillingParadise has helped several AmazingCharts users brush aside their billing hurdles and run a more profitable practice, inline, with regulatory guidelines.

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Medical coding is becoming increasingly complex. An average coder, who assigns codes without in-depth analysis can do your practice more harm than good. AmazingCharts users can now code right!

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EMR Support

We take care of your front end and back end revenue cycle processes. Right from appointment scheduling and eligibility verification to claim analysis and denial resolution, our AmazingCharts revenue cycle management services, have you covered. We help you leverage and extract the most out of the staff, technology and workflow of your medical practice.

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Old AR

AR calling is more than just making calls to insurers and leaving home at six. You need AR callers who are persistent, informed and quick.We work with AmazingCharts users every single day and offer flexible, practice specific support.

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RCM Services

Optimize the many moving parts of your revenue cycle with BillingParadise’s AmazingCharts revenue cycle management services. Our certified revenue cycle specialists will improve the compliance and performance of your AmazingCharts RCM processes.

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Specialty Focused Billing Services

We have specialized teams of AAPC certified medical billing specialist who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your billing and claims management