BillingParadise Patient Eligibility Verification Tool


Completely automated & scalable software tool to effectively prevent eligibility denials.

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How will BillingParadise’s Patient Eligibility Software Tool Benefit you?

Our software has the exclusive capability to effortlessly integrate with your current appointment scheduling software. In cases wherein you don't have one in place, we offer you a completely automated Smart appointment scheduler, which collects all the requisite information. The details that are most required are the patient's name & date of birth. From there our software analyzes and verifies the following:

Checklist icon representing the process of verifying patient eligibility.

Pre authorization requirements

Contract icon representing the management of contracts in healthcare

Current eligibility status

Owner icon representing ownership and management in healthcare

Name of the carrier & Policy

Patient icon representing the focus on patient-centered care

Insurance Coverage on the date of service

Checklist icon representing a healthcare checklist for efficient processes

Patient Details (Name & DOB)

Law icon representing compliance with healthcare regulations and laws

Current balance of the patient

Support icon representing dedicated support for healthcare organizations

Co-Pay & Deductible

Process icon representing streamlined and efficient healthcare processes

Network Status with the provider

Turnkey Software Solution

All of this is done in an instant and the resulting data is verified and checked by skilled personnel to ensure nothing has slipped through the cracks and quality has been upheld. If there is any missing information the user at the front end is immediately alerted enabling the user to collect the missing information while fixing the appointment. Finally a comprehensive eligibility report is provided to you two days prior to the visit.This software can be deployed immediately and is capable of performing at the highest optimum level across all platforms.

BillingParadise Patient Eligibility Verification Tool Vs. Your Current Eligibility Tool

Features BPTOOL Your Tool
Instant eligibility checks done for one patient or in batches.
Get customized and comprehensive eligibility reports based on your location, speciality, contract and any other requirement
Complete information on the current status of patient dues (CoPay, Deductibles etc).
Can integrate with all types of payors; Electronic Eligibility checkers and others.
Rigorous quality checks done by trained and skilled personnel, ensuring top quality.
Immediately flagging & notifying feature, if there is missing key information during the scheduling time, the user at the front end will be immediately notified enabling them to collect the information without any delays.

This tool is cloud based making it secure, ensuring no loss of data, and is easily accessible

All information can be fed through a simple CSV Excel format


Complete Integration with your scheduling software


Seamlessly scalable to meet your large demand and is most suited for large practices & organizations, hospitals and ACOs


Patient eligibility is always checked in batches and Comes with a user friendly and sleek designed dashboard


Patient eligibility report on demand

Sometimes your patient might have an emergency or there is a chance that they move their appointment to an earlier time or you just require the eligibility status of the patient during appointment time itself. Not to worry, we can provide you the complete eligibility status report of the patient in the time you require it and yes this service is also done in batches.

Chat icon representing effective communication and collaboration in healthcare
Third Party Support

Sometimes, certain information that you require will not be available in the generic places, such your databases and you might be storing those information with a third party vendor. This tool is capable of integrating with your third party vendors' systems and fetching all the information you require.

Coding icon representing accurate medical coding practices
Strict Adherence to Compliance & Confidentiality

Compliance and confidentiality is our highest priority. Our software is highly secure and impenetrable. We regularly audit our security features ensuring that at no stage data is compromised. Our scheduled updates are designed such that they are completely not intrusive and they occur in the background, creating no unnecessary difficulties for you.

Speedometer icon representing optimized performance and efficiency
Secure & Seamless Transfer Of Data

As mentioned earlier, when we need to gather information from third parties, we won't require any additional support or plugins. We offer you a specific SFTP feature, which ensures easy and secure transmission of data. This tool can be easily integrated with all systems and can seamlessly function with your current EHS/PMS system.

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