We don’t just review your patients’ eligibility, We automate & double check it.

Work with us, and you won’t just protect your cash flow but, benefit from greater revenue. BillingParadises’ software integrates with your RCM to seamlessly adapt to emerging payment models settings of care.

Automate Patient Eligiblity Verification

Payor Integrated Insurance Eligibility Verification Software

Patient Eligibility denials are highly time consuming and always subject to inspection. Billing Paradise offers a flawless system to terminate eligibility denials. We offer an exclusive product to our clients. A cloud based software with which we ensure that a patient has eligibility prior to claim submission. This proactive method significantly reduces your chances for a denial.

The key feature of our product is we are one-stop service. Our product is capable of providing you real time eligibility status. This includes the patients’ general eligibility status, Co-Pay, Co-Insurance and deductible information. The product automatically curates all this information from several local databases and if your data is stored elsewhere, we are absolutely compatible with third party vendor support. All information is gathered, authenticated and then provided to you in the most accessible way.

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Making informed healthcare decisions

Expedite processes

Our smart automation simplifies, modernizes and quickens workflows. Our software interfaces securely and seamlessly with your EHR system.

Healthcare revenue audit report

Predictive analytics

User-friendly dashboards and advanced predictive analytics give you a bird’s eye view of eligibility processes enabling stronger decision making.

Effective budgeting and forecasting in healthcare


Powerful API provides customized interface with your EHR.

Don’t have to take our word for it. This is what a longtime EHR user had to say about Billing Paradise RCM Tech.

BillingParadise is a paradise for billing
- Theresa, Laima OB GYN