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Streamline Athena Health EHR using Robotic Process Automation

Athena Health EHR is widely used among hospitals and enterprise health systems as it has the capability to manage a huge volume of patient and clinical data as a centralized platform. However with this huge volume comes a huge work burden, which is why most hospital leaders like RCM directors and CFOs try to automate AthenaHealth EHR using RPA.

Automation for Athena Health EHR using RPA can be implemented for various processes that your hospital or medical group is lagging behind or the complete end-to-end RCM operations. In this use case, you will be able to discover the various methods that we can AthenaHealth EHR using RPA.

Common challenges faced by hospitals and medical groups before implementing RPA to AthenaHealth EHR:

  1. Entry-level processes mistakes.
  2. Huge volumes of patient data and eligibility verification.
  3. Prior-authorization paperwork and follow-ups.
  4. Medical Coding errors. 
  5. Unresolved AR and denials.

Other pre and post-billing challenges include patient registration, appointment scheduling, medical record management, patient support, and collections. Automating your AthenaHealth EHR for these challenges will be the best solution a hospital or medical group can gain.

Specific RCM processes

In RCM operations certain tasks are much easier to be performed by your billing staff but there are a few processes that are too tedious and repetitive that your billing staff can miss, make errors and struggle to meet the target on a daily basis. Here are a few processes that might be worth it in terms of cost-effectiveness and still meet your daily billing tasks in a timely manner when you automate AthenaHealth EHR using RPA

Entry and data recording processes:

Entry and data recording processes

Charge capture and entry is one of the first steps in RCM processes where the claim creation and transmission to insurance happens. When there is a delay in this process or whether there are any errors the billing might not be successful and can be rejected or returned as incorrect or invalid information. Automating AthenaHealth EHR using RPA for this process will eliminate errors completely and the productivity to meet your target will be achieved seamlessly with a click of an RPA bot run button.

Data recording processes during patient registration while obtaining demographic and insurance information in the front office receive more errors. The reason why is because front office staff are burdened with too many patient services tasks and coordination of appointments with their healthcare providers. We have identified that hospitals that automate AthenaHealth EHR using RPA reduced patient data gathering errors. RPA bots can directly communicate with the patients using Natural Language Generation (NLG) and verify the data before moving the recorded data to claim submission ensuring 100% accuracy.

Verification and validation RCM tasks:

Hospitals and medical groups must validate and verify patient data before filing claims for the services rendered to them. Manual verification processes are time-consuming and with the number of patients received for your healthcare organization, it is tiresome to complete verification for each and every patient. That is why automating your AthenaHealth EHR can be a benefit to verifying and validating all the patient data in a single day without any errors.

Processes like patient eligibility and benefits verification can be completely automated for your AthenaHealth EHR using RPA. These RPA bots automatically recognize incoming patient appointments and use the registered data in AthenaHealth EHR and use either insurance portals or third-party vendors like Availity to obtain this information. In BillingParadise we have a dedicated eligibility platform that RPA bots can use to obtain complete specialty-specific eligibility information within seconds.

Paperwork and follow-up RCM processes:

Authorization and denial management processes contain lots of paperwork and follow-up to do as they are the lengthiest processes in RCM. Automating AthenaHealth EHR using RPA can ease the pressure of these lengthy processes as the deployed RPA bots will analyze if the patient requires authorization or if the claim denial is valid with the information billed. It will then carry forward with the next step of performing an appeal or filing an authorization request form. RPA bots use the data available in your AthenaHealth EHR to fill out this paperwork. These RPA bots can perform 5 patients per minute which is 200 times faster than a normal human biller.

Complex guidelines RCM processes:

Medical coding is one of the complex processes that require experience to perform the task without errors. Hospitals and medical groups that are struggling with coding and medical records documentation processes might as well use RPA because the RPA bots will have inbuilt ICD10 codes along with CCI and CDI protocols that will avoid all errors making the clean claim and the first pass percentages to 100. Healthcare organizations that are audited frequently and penalized for incorrect coding and clinical documentation must consider automating AthenaHealth EHR using RPA to avoid thousands of dollars in fines.

Healthcare leaders that are looking to automate RCM processes always wonder how these bots work and the methods of implementation of RCM. We have a detailed guide that RCM directors, CFOs, CTOs, and CEOs of these hospitals and medical groups so that it will be easier to understand their own operational structure to automate AthenaHealth EHR using RPA and how implementing RPA can benefit in the long run both financial and patient care.

On the other hand, if you have AthenaHelath Robotic process automation (RPA) specific questions our certified RPA and RCM experts are now providing a free consultation. After consulting if you need to implement RPA we are providing a free 15-day trial where you can set RPA bots according to your RCM operations structure to automate AthenaHealth EHR using RPA.

 Appointment Scheduling using Robotic Process Automation

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