A high performing revenue cycle needn’t cost you truckloads of money

Get your revenue cycle off the hamster’s wheel. BillingParadise offers end-to-end revenue cycle management services that’ll help you gain more than just bottomline benefits. Gain more flex, more time with your patients and be on time for dinner.

  • Full revenue cycle support

    Full cycle support:

    Shift your entire revenue cycle operations to us and start seeing results in as little as 40 days. From liquidating legacy AR to bringing your billing operations up to speed experience the efficiency of our 24x7 workflow

  • affordable and flexible price

    No smoky mirrors:

    There is no fineprint or guesswork involved. Our pricing options are transparent, consistent, affordable and flexible. No hidden costs or surprise bills.

  • Free suite of RCM tools

    Free suite of RCM tools:

    BillingParadise has built workflow management, revenue cycle reporting and business analytics software that can handle all challenges across the revenue cycle continuum. And they come free with our full cycle RCM services.

Build your own RCM Experts Team now

What’s in it for you:

    End-to-end revenue cycle support

    7 specialist revenue cycle teams

    Quick and structured workflows

    24/7 client support

    Suite of revenue cycle and workflow management tools