Patient Appointment Scheduling

Patient Appointment Scheduling with RCM

We know patient scheduling is central to your physicians' workflow and productivity. That's why BillingParadise use the world class technology software called Kareo. They designed a powerful scheduler with daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views, real-time patient eligibility, customized encounter forms, and advanced scheduling rules.

It provides the ultimate control of your physicians' most precious resource - their time.

View Appointment Calendars

You get daily, weekly, and monthly appointment calendar views organized by physician, resource, and service location. You can customize your calendars by setting up office hours, color-coding by appointment reason or time blocks, or showing a legend with more information about your scheduling rules.

Schedule Appointments

You can schedule patient and other appointments directly from any appointment calendar. You can schedule one-time or recurring appointments using powerful recurrence rules. You can enter information about each appointment including the patient, case, location, physician, start date and time, end date and time, appointment reasons, and more.

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Check Patient Eligibility

Scheduling patients without verifying insurance eligibility can be hazardous to your cash flow, but calling insurance companies to verify patient eligibility can be a resource devouring task. That's why we've built electronic connections to hundreds of major insurance companies to offer real-time eligibility checks directly within the scheduling process. With patient eligibility checks, you can be sure you will get paid for every appointment you schedule.

Set up and Print Encounter Forms

You can set up custom encounter forms by selecting from a library of encounter form designs, selecting procedure and diagnosis codes, and creating headings to organize your codes. You can set up different forms for each physician. You can print encounter forms for individual appointments or you can print daily or weekly batches of encounter forms by physician and/or location. There is a unique ticket # printed on each encounter form that you can later use during charge entry to automatically carry over all information from the corresponding appointment.

Print Physician Schedules

You can print your physician schedules quickly and easily from any appointment calendar view. Simply select a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar view, select a date range, and filter by physician or service location, then print your schedule. You can also export schedules to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format to save the schedule to file or email it to your physicians.

Set up Scheduling Resources

You can set up scheduling resources to define equipment, facilities, or people, in addition to your physicians, for which to schedule appointments. You can view daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views, and schedule appointments for each scheduling resource.

Set up Appointment Reasons

You can set up custom appointment reasons to track the common reasons for a patient visit. Each appointment reason can have a name, description, color code, duration, and one or more physicians or scheduling resources. When scheduling a new appointment, you can select the appointment reason as a shortcut for entering the appointment duration, physician, and/or other scheduling resources.

Configure Scheduling Rules

You can configure powerful scheduling rules that govern the types of appointments that can be scheduled within different time slots and date ranges. You can define custom time blocks for every physician, or other scheduling resource. Start by giving each time block a name, description, and color code. Then, define powerful rules, including allowing or denying overbooking (scheduling multiple appointments at the same time), limiting the number of appointments within the time block, permitting only certain locations, permitting only certain appointment reasons, or explicitly defining a "Do Not Schedule" time block.

Once your rules are defined, Billing Paradise will prevent users from scheduling appointments that break the rules, but also allow managers with the appropriate security level to override the rules.

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