Super-charge your financial decision-making with our practice analysis report

Not all financial data tracking templates are created equal. This easy to use and comprehensive template will help you track the details that matter!

Recent studies indicate the importance of tracking financial data for hospitals and physician practices. What you don't know can seriously hurt your organization's financial stability. So, stop guessing what is wrong with your revenue cycle. This template will illuminate the dark areas of your revenue cycle and help you take active measures to curb revenue leaks and systematically drive up bottom-line benefits. This simplified, editable worksheet can be used to know and monitor the financial pulse of your healthcare organization.

Get insights into your:

  • Gross Collection Vs Net Collection
  • New AR Vs Recovered AR
  • Payer Mix Charge Vs Payment Vs Adjustment
  • Net Collections by DOS
  • and several other financial KPIs no smart practice can do without!

What is to love about this template!

  • It trims the fat and includes metrics that are absolutely essential to run a financially successful medical practice.
  • It is uncluttered and easy to use
  • It is absolutely free!

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