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Now days the risks involved in outsourcing appears to be unavoidable. Then how do you entrust you business future to somebody, to whom you have conversed over phone and not seen him in person? It is not that much easy and it doesn't prove his authenticity. But however there are some strategies which if you can follow can minimize the risks involved in outsourcing. Given beneath are some of the most regularly asked queries that make you to take your initial step to outsourcing that is free of risks. Leave your Questions Here

Our frequently asked questions

1. Is there a start up cost?
The start-up fee is $250, which we can waive-off completely.
2. Is there a monthly minimum amount?
There is no monthly minimum. There is no other extra fee involved. We charge based on what we collect from you from the insurance companies and from your patients, excluding copays.
3.Does it mean 5-6% collected from insurance and patients include private pay (cash) and deductibles but not copays? Please clarify.
We do not take any percentage on co-pays and self-pay patients because your collected these at your office and our effort on this is zero. There is not monthly minimum, setup free and startup fee.
4. How do we handle "Courtesy Filling"? When a patient pays cash up-front and wants to bill the Insurance themselves?
We will create claims, scrub claims and transfer claims. Finally, we will follow-up with the insurance companies to see if they have the claims on their file and that is it. we are out of network on BCBS, Judy "courtesy files" for pt after we collect their $145 dollars for 99214 she submits to bcbs and pt receives an out of network amount back. She charges about 1%.With NC Medicaid eligibility changes overnight in that system therefore eligibility has to be done the day of the appt. How do you manage an issue like this so our staff doesn't have to rerun or contact Medicaid for eligibility each day? Yes, we can check eligibility for your Medicaid patients a day prior. As soon as we sense a change, we can work on the Medicaid Patients eligibility alone on the same of patient's visit. We will have a team dedicated just for you to work on the eligibility round the clock. I've attached an example of our Patient Eligibility Check Report. I can go over this with you when I speak with you in the morning.
5. When 5010 changes are in effect. Will you submit HIPAA 5010 x12 transactions?
Yes, our Certified Coding team is current undergoing aggressive ICD-10 training, which will end in a couple of months. Our coder will have ICD-10 certification as well by end of September'13. eClinicalWorks will upgrade its EMR version to send HIPAA-5010 claims and will have our team stick with it as well. If we have self-pay patient who gets a discount for being self-pay; if you only apply the adjustment each month do you still consider that collections and therefore include it in your collection rate (4.5-6.5% depending on what is agreed)? We do not take any percentage on the self-pay patients, even if we post their payments in the eCW system. Do you go after patient collections or is this considered sending statement? The Contractor (BillingParadise) shall analyze patient pay responsibilities, mail patient statements and place reminder phone calls up to a maximum of 3 times within 45 consecutive days at 15 day intervals. After the expiration of 45 consecutive days the Contractor shall make one final contact with the patient in an effort to obtain payment. Patient responsibilities that are not collected within 60 consecutive days will be documented on the Accounts Receivable report to the Client. If requested to do so by the Client, the Contractor shall assist the Client in employing a debt collection agency for the purpose of collecting unpaid patient responsibilities. In no instance, however, shall any such debt collection agency either be or be deemed an employee, agent or independent the Contractor engaged to act on behalf of the Contractor. The Contractor is not a "debt collection agency" however, in its attempts to collect the unpaid amount of patient responsibilities 2.the Contractor shall do so in a fashion that does not violate any state or federal law regulating fair debt collection practices. The Contractor agrees to record the conversation that it has with patient in eClinicalWorks as a telephonic encounter.
6.What is my payment option?
Our preferable mode of payment is by check or by wire transfer. For any further details you can contact our sales personnel at the sales departmentHERE
7. Do you really have the long term viability?
Yes we do. BillingParadise is a company that is free of debts. We make certain that all our contracts and agreements are duly signed.
8. Do you possess the required infrastructure to handle my business processes?
Yes, we do have the necessary infrastructure that can support your business ventures. We are well equipped with a leased line of Internet that has a bandwidth of 2mb.
9. What is the minimum educational qualification of your employees?
We only recruit people with a Bachelor's degree. All the employees at BillingParadise are graduates. For projects like KPO which requires much skill we recruit people who holds a Masters in educational streams like Business Administration, Engineering, Statics, Finance , English literature, communication and Research.
10.Will it be cost effective, if outsourcing is done to BillingParadise?
BillingParadise offers only cost effective service. We greatly save the expenditure in the customer's capital budget to a great extent. Apart from saving nearly 40 to 60% of reduction in costs, we will assist you with our more proficient workflow processes to generate more revenue.
11.How can I make sure that my data is fully protected?
A non- disclosure agreement will be duly signed by us with the customer. Likewise a non-disclosure bond will be properly signed with our staff. We very well know that this is very much essential in minimizing the outsourcing risks. For inbound and outbound security, we have the firewalls/VPN (Virtual Private Network) facility. Absence of external storage devices like floppy/CD drives USB ports in the Systems. To ensure safety and security all our systems and e-mails are protected with passwords. We have fire-proof cabinets and to store the documents, we have the offsite storage facility. At both our server and client levels, we have installed anti-virus soft wares. Only by the means of the badge access system, the bonafide employees are granted permission to enter into our building. We also have a 24 hour vigil with armed security personnel. Our premises is thoroughly installed with surveillance cameras
12.How can I sign up a contract order or work order with you?
The only thing you need to do is fax us a signed copy with all your complete format particulars. Also you can mail to us your copy order attached along with your email.
13.Do you offer EMR support?
Yes. We provide expert emr support for our clients. We have a 24/7 toll free number for EMR/EHR users to reach us anytime they need guidance or have a query.
14.Do you provide patient billing services?
Our services are inclusive of patient billing as well. We send out patient statements and follow up on them consistently.
15.Can I have a single point of contact?
Every client of ours is assigned a billing manager to handle their account. There are no complicated phone trees to deal with! Just make a call @ 1-(888)-571-9069 to know more about our services. TESTIMONIALS I was scared of transitioning into a new code set without sufficient time or resources. I thank Billing Paradise for rescuing me from a tight spot. Their ICD 10 testing plan and support have made it easier for my practice to adapt and understand ICD 10. Great job! Terry Wilmer Family physician My practice was always way behind schedule when it came to meeting compliance deadlines. Working with BillingParadise has been a relief. They are a business associate who understand and meet every compliance threshold making it easy for me. Cathy Barnes Cardiologist My little patients mean the world to me! It was awful when I couldn't spend as much time as I'd like to with them. Filling out data into my EHR guzzled up a lot of my time. The billing team at Billing Paradise has helped me to drastically reduce the amount of time I spend on my EHR. Lucy Whitman Pediatrician I used to wonder why after working for almost 10 hours a day my collections were dismal. I found out that the fault lay with my billing team who couldn't come up with innovative solutions. My collection ratio has increased by almost 30% after working with tem BillingParadise Ted Johnson Urologist

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