Medical Billing Process

Is the Value for Your Investment - Stabilized, Maximized and Optimized ?

BillingParadise's billing solutions for the Allscripts Professional Pro EHR users is mainly focused on the sustained revenue maximization – without hampering the investment made by you, for your practice business. We have several revenue optimization whizzes at our company to deliver you the ever flourishing business model to bolster your finance.

We have been proving our excellence in claims management with 98% first pass rate – that too consistent across an assortment of healthcare practices in the country.

Get the Intact EHR Solutions under One Roof !

BillingParadise provides a full-blown service for your Allscripts Professional Pro EHR at all the phases of revenue cycle management.

Our revenue cycle management service starts from the scratch – i.e., right from the patient check-in at your practice and it goes through the credentialing, encounter documentation, medical coding, claim scrubbing, transmission, follow-up, denial and bad-debt management up to the bill collections and payment posting. Besides, we offer periodical reports to measure, monitor and maximize your business processes.

Whether BillingParadise Offers These Billing Services @ Affordable Rates ?

Check it out and before you check-in !

BillingParadise offers an excellent allscripts billing service for the healthcare practitioners at an affordable and unrivaled cost. Our charges are transparent, competitive and lucrative – that's the very reason for the rampant rise in our client volume across US in the recent years.

How Do We Maximize Your Profits ?

We have ample EHR experts, AAPC-certified coders and billing process experts. It is they, who make it doable for us to lever multiple healthcare clients in a short span - ultimately dwindling down our service costs - with no slip-up in the clean claim submission, denial management and paralleled revenue management. Of note, our accounts receivable (A/R) executives and managers adore the revenue collection task as it is a genuine challenge.

Furthermore, we implement fine-tuned, bundled business strategies to reduce your audit risks, enhance workflow process, comply with regulatory standards, perk-up productivity and fetch faster reimbursements.

Enjoy Our Virtual Assistance Round-the-clock !

We are armed with the best-of-breed, multi-level billing cohorts to serve you 24x7x365 through any communication conduit that is comfortable and compatible for your practice.