E-Remittance Payment Posting

    Are your 'insurance benefits' statements looking jumbled and inexplicable ?

    The 'nucleus' of revenue cycle process is the payment posting. But, it is an ultimatum for the hospitals, physicians and other providers who lose their funds if the payment is delayed or hindered. McKesson's automated eRemittance support accelerates and improves your cash inflow through a combination of technologies that are compliant with an array of private/public payer and government regulations. This strategy prevents policy violations and allows passable work-flow towards quicker reimbursements.

    We keep posted the billing information such as check number, EOB date, amount, check date, etc. We open the payment advisory window for EOBs to enter claims and post online payments. Also, customized ERA window is embedded in our EHR to ensure the transmittance of remittance advices througha proper channel.

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EMR/EHR Service
Getting you a daily report on Patients’ Insurance Eligibility info, Procedure Eligibility info, Co-pay, Deductible, Insurance Pre-authorization info and Patients’ Pre-existing Condition info before 8:00 am local time. Only Insurance Eligiblity Info is avaialble.
Medical Coding and Coding Analysis by dedicated specialty specific Certified Medical Coders (CPC) for maximum reimbursement and to zero down denials.
Creating clean claims. 7 expert podiatry billing teams who offer specialized services across the breadth of your entire billing cycle
Claim Scrubbing to zero down denials.
Transmitting claims to the insurance companies within 12 hours from the time of visit.
Acting on clearing house report instantly
Following-up with the insurance companies over the phone from the seventh day of claim transmission.
Posting the EOBs and ERAs.
Following-up with denied claims (Denial Management) and resubmitting claims on the same day
but not on the same day
Patient AR Management-Mailing-out patient statements-placing follow-up phone calls to get patients’ responsibilities collected.
Answering the patients’ questions on their responsibilities by having them call us on our dedicated toll-free number.
Access to summary/progress/analysis reports through iPhone/iPad/Blackberry.
but access only to a few reports
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Every edict pertaining to modern healthcare management is accentuating accuracy in financial documentation than any other managerial records. Slip-ups in financial documentations may pose a provider to red tape crisis or may culminate in titanic revenue loss. McKesson's EHR offers a streamlined documentation process that supports speedy patient account reconciliation and better audit controls. This automated software suite will be a stupendous choice over the time-consuming, error-prone manual reconciliation processes that the majority providers are using today.

Our McKesson EHR suite offers ICS (Image Control System) payment posting service in which, an image of your EOB is connected directly to the encounter when a payment is posted. This abolishes the necessity for conventional paper-based EOB storage and alleviates secondary submissions load by arranging all scanned EOBs in an array for viewing or printing.

McKesson's EHR solutions, is backed by a team of experts whose focus is to make the payments posted accurately and in a well-timed manner. With our ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) and digital lockbox features, the McKesson experts post payment information efficiently and acquire specific denial information for reimbursement management and tracking.

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Your Benefits:

  • Fusion of multiple facility/physician groups billing into a business office hub
  • Unfussy transition from one or more healthcare information and management systems to another
  • EOB and fee ticket images piled up in patient's record
  • Data generation in EDI 835 - 5010 ERA format
  • Posting charges from ICS-based fee ticket images
  • Payment postings from digital EOB images

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BillingParadise has helped several McKesson users brush aside their billing hurdles and run a more profitable practice, inline, with regulatory guidelines.

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Medical coding is becoming increasingly complex. An average coder, who assigns codes without in-depth analysis can do your practice more harm than good. McKesson users can now code right!

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EMR Support

We take care of your front end and back end revenue cycle processes. Right from appointment scheduling and eligibility verification to claim analysis and denial resolution, our McKesson revenue cycle management services, have you covered. We help you leverage and extract the most out of the staff, technology and workflow of your medical practice.

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Old AR

AR calling is more than just making calls to insurers and leaving home at six. You need AR callers who are persistent, informed and quick.We work with McKesson users every single day and offer flexible, practice specific support.

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Optimize the many moving parts of your revenue cycle with BillingParadise’s McKesson revenue cycle management services. Our certified revenue cycle specialists will improve the compliance and performance of your McKesson RCM processes.

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We have specialized teams of medical billers and coders who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your billing and coding tasks

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