ICD-10 Medical Coding Services

    ICD -10: The High-tech healthcare apocalypse?

    With ICD-10, the medical coders are under strain to know five times as many codes as ICD-9. When ICD-10 comes into effect, healthcare providers will be frantic to be as precise with their coding as possible to evade redundant payment to the government. ICD-10 may be a glitch for the healthcare providers who are unprepared and who lack proficient outsourcing partners.

    McKesson's EHR solutions offer you an ideal support for your practice to overcome the ICD-10 crisis. Our coding veterans have immense stuff to catch every nook and cranny of the ICD-10 guidelines and to place it appropriately in the coding process. Thus, we improve your reimbursements and foster your practice business.

    Do you have the nerve to feel ICD-10 as an 'Opportunity'?

    Most healthcare providers go behind a "pay as they go" policy. Hence, if there is a setback in your cash flow, you won't be able to pay your own bills on-time. Obviously, you may have cash reserves to draw from, but those could easily be frittered away with lack of preparation and proper management. Besides, if you code erroneously, the government may catch you red-handed and sends Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) to pocket your funds.

    McKesson's EHR revolution thwarts these drawbacks by effectively selecting the proper diagnosis and/or procedure codes through the improved ICD-10 code structure; so that rationally standardized definitions and more exact clinical terms diminishes coding timelines and errors; such an expertise in us would surely maximize your reimbursements and alleviate the claim denials. Thus, we could bestow you an opportunity to bolster your business.

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Your Benefits:

  • Precise coding by certified coding veterans
  • No missed charges
  • Augment the possibilities of claim approval