Accountable Care Market

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The Accountable care market is now explored by many newbies from the healthcare market trying to be an ACO. Recently a survey was conducted to examine­ the motivators and challenges (including the tools required to meet goals) for those organizations that were interested in risk based or shared savings programs such as Accountable Care Organizations and Patient-Centered Medical Homes. It came to light that

  • 53% of the respondents participate in the referenced programs presently
  • 34% of those who do not participate anticipate being a part of these programs within the next three years.

Upshot of the survey:

The upshot of the above survey noticeably highlights that healthcare professionals and medical centres opt for becoming ACO and PCMH mostly to

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Utilize resources of health care systems better
  • To maintain their share in the market

Build ACO through BillingParadise and eClinicalWorks combo:

BillingParadise partnered with eClinicalWorks makes you ready for Medicare's big pay out of the season. The team has incredible experience in handling ACO's for the incentives of Medicare. According to the survey results, above 34% are missing out for some of the best laid plans by the government. Atrius health had saved $5million through collaborative care following ACO principle.

BillingParadise makes use of eClinicalWorks and improved patient outcomes up-to 66%. Joining the ACO or forming a group will always have its perks.

Negate the fear:

The willingness of the 34% to wait for another 3 years to join the Accountable care market is the fear for new regulations. Many hospitals were forced to withdraw from the ACO for their failure to append to Payer agenda. BillingParadise's ACO optimization and specialized billing services through eClinicalWorks helps you to reap benefits from

  1. Medicaid shared savings program: Providers part of Medicare fee for service can make use of this program to become an ACO.
  2. Advance Payment ACO model: Additional incentive programs for the players from the shared savings program team.
  3. Pioneer ACO model: The program for coordinated care adopters.

Right tools for the right people:

The government is willing to elevate healthcare and reduce their spending through collaborative use of resources. BillingParadise helps you achieve the requisites through the deployment of eClinicalWorks. The human intelligence and technology convergence will help you maintain standard reporting formats that are essential for submission by an ACO. Our team helps you to implement case management using eCW to keep track of coordinated healthcare services. This comes in handy when multiple entities are engaged in collaborative healthcare. We are capable of providing separate reports for different payers as the quality measures vary from payers to payers. The detailed analytics report on the cost and other utilization of resources can be provided through the eClinicalWorks EMR/EHR software.

For a group of your own Accountable care:

Group Physicians and big size hospitals willing to be a part of the ACO benefits can call us @ our toll free 1-888 571 – 9069. On queries about the implementation of EMR/EHR software eClinicalWorks call our technical support for free technical consultation @ 1-888 571 – 9069. We are available 24/7 to serve you. Do not forget to ask for the free eCW subscription.