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Denial management is a core element of a successful revenue cycle management. If neglected, it can have severe repercussions on the cash flow of an organization. At BillingParadise, we use proprietary tools that determine cause of denials, alleviate the probability of future denials to expedite reimbursements.


Healthcare organizations need to get paid faster in order to sustain healthcare, instead of getting a run around from insurance companies tracking claim denials. We use proven methodology and practices to add value to your revenue cycle management, laying special emphasis on denial management. Our focus is to dwell into insights on why claims are denied, and how they can be avoided to expedite reimbursements.


We realize the uniqueness of each patient and the care they receive from providers, likewise each denied claim is unique and its resolution distinctive. BillingParadise follows best practices for denial resolutions. We use proven methodologies to facilitate quick reimbursements, and improved cash flows.

MedgenEHR Denial Management Workflow

This is what sets us apart

The BillingParadise difference…

Now you need never miss a single cent! Our denial management experts view the ERAs/EOBs posted in the patient advisory screen of MedgenEHR.

Our core MedgenEHR denial management team consists of…

  • Claim analysis team
  • Trend analysis team
  • Denial Prevention team
  • AR management team
  • And financial planning team

We have an extensive payer rules checking engine that checks claims against payer rules.

We follow a cross functional strategy to analyze and categorize claims based on reason for denial and rejection pattern.

As our denial management support is available 24/7 you can be sure that the window never closes on any claim.

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