Hire Denial Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is interim denial management?

At times when a health system is confronted with too many claim denials, beyond the management capabilities of the in-house billing department, an interim denial management team is outsourced for support. This could be for a short period of time, either for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months, depending on the needs of the organization. An interim denial management team can also support health facilities when new systems are in the process of being installed.

6. How do I measure the productivity of my denial resources that have been hired?

We’ve enabled a common window that can be shared between the client’s end and the team at BillingParadise. The day-to-day productivity can be measured and monitored, with options to track and review individual performances. Anytime you are allow to schedule a call with the denial expert through TeamBillingBridge application. We shall follow up with the resources whether the instructions have been followed or not.

2. Where do I fit your denial resources in my existing RCM team?

As an RCM team with certified billers and coders, our denial management team can work alongside an in-house RCM team of an organization in their existing process, or as an outsourced company, exclusively for denial management operations.

7. Do you have specialty specific denial experts?

Yes, we certainly do have specific denial experts in all realms of clinical specialties. When you hire a specialty specific denial expert, it helps to address denials faster, with their vast experience in the relevant specialty.

3. What is Denial FTE?

Denial FTE stands for Full-Time Equivalent denial resource. A Denial FTE will always be on hand to report to your organization throughout the month, exclusively managing your operations under your supervision.

8. Do you provide on-site denial experts?

Absolutely, we do provide on-site denial experts. It does away the need for organizations to hire full time on-site experts, instead an expert would be reporting to the organization once or twice a week, while constantly staying in touch for the rest of the week to tide over any critical issues.

4. How do I get the reports from the denial resources' hired?

Team Billing Bridge is a revenue cycle reporting platform, with the capability of generating on-demand revenue cycle reports. The built-in visual interface enables multiple reports as required.

9. What is the compliance observed by the company if we use your denial management service?

We follow all compliance regulations meeting the standards of SSAE 16, SOC2, and HIPPA &VAPT. Our systems are firewall protected, with an encryption secured VPN, and an intrusion detection system in place.

5. Do you have an EHR integrated denial management system?

Yes we do have, detailed information about our denial management software is available here

10. How much do you charge for denial FTEs?

We offer three different denial management and support resources that can be hired by your organization. Click here to know the pricing information.