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You Choose your EHR. We'll take care of the customization part! Of course, Avail of BillingParadise’s Free EHR subscription offer and save thousands of dollars annually.

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    Do you want to stop paying for your urgent care EHR?

    Paying EHR fees and maintenance costs can be a tad too expensive for medical practices on a budget. And urgent care EHRs don’t come cheap! Most EHRs come with heavy price tags and putting aside enough dollars to pay the next monthly is a huge effort in itself.   

    According to a survey by Deloitte about 75% of physicians believe EHRs increase costs. Do you belong to the 75%? Here is a chance for your medical practice to reduce costs! Avail of BillingParadise’s Free EHR subscription offer and save thousands of dollars annually.

    Here is how it works

    If you want to avail of our Free EHR offer, all you have to do is request for our Free EHR offer online form, and fill in information about your EMR/EHR, payment details, payment method and duration. Our support executives will coordinate with your urgent care practice and send monthly checks to your office. Conversely, we can also pay your vendor directly.

Now you can

  1. Save hundreds of dollars every month
  2. Forget about IT costs
  3. Focus more on patients and less on the business side of medicine
  4. Need never worry about signing checks to your EHR vendor
  5. Stop worrying about EHR costs
  6. Need never worry about signing checks to your EHR vendor

Are you new to the EMR/EHR environment?

If you are yet to make the switch to EHRs we can make it easier for you. Most urgent care medical practices find the high costs involved in switching to a digitized environment, intimidating. Working with BillingParadise means you just made the switch without spending a single dollar.

We also offer urgent care practices free EMR/EHR consultation and support. Call our EHR experts anytime and receive free consultation and advice that will help you opt for a system that best aligns with your workflow needs.

Do you want more details?

Several medical practices across the country have benefitted from our Free EMR/EHR offer. You can get client details from our support team and talk to urgent care medical practices that have availed of our offer.

Call us @ 1-(888)-571-9069 or fill up our inquiry form here.

Full-featured revenue cycle reporting tool for urgent care practices!

Data matters. To take corrective measures and financial decisions, you need a tool that offers you insights that can be translated into revenue cycle improvements. Here is data that speaks to you! Track KPIs, monitor your claims cycle, compare your organization's performance with industry leading benchmarks and optimize billing operations with theBillingBridge.

Maintain positive cash-flow, with our super smart data analytic and revenue reporting app, built from the ground-up for urgent care practices.

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10 minute case study: See how we helped an urgent care centre with unbilled encounters

About our client: Glen Ortiz is an ER physician who runs an urgent care centre in Florida. Their monthly charges were 1 million dollars. They collected $320,000 a month and were users of the eClinicalWorks EHR. Their payer mix was 65% Florida Blue, 20% commercial payers and 20% Medicare.

Challenges faced: The urgent care centre was struggling to handle its billing volume and had close to 800 unbilled patient encounters. They also faced coding and clinical documentation issues. The urgent care centre was also being repeatedly underpaid.

BillingParadise in action: Our contract management team used the proprietary contract management software of BillingParadise to spot payment variances. We found out that Florida Blue was underpaying the urgent care centre for certain procedures and resolved the underpayment issue.

The medical coding company hired by the centre coded external injury codes as primary codes and also incorrectly coded a number of procedures. Our code auditors spotted coding deficiencies before it snowballed into a huge compliance issue.

We also introduced Glen to theBillingBridge our revenue analytics app that can track revenue cycle KPIs in realtime.

To know more about how BillingParadise transformed the revenue cycle of the urgent care centre

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