Patient Eligibility Verification Services

    Thorough patient insurance eligibility checks for webDMEMR users !

    According to a MGMA report 50% of medical claims are rejected due to insurance eligibility issues. We help webDMEMR users to be on the safer side! Our, webDMEMR insurance eligibility checking team, comprises of experienced professionals. They verify the authorization and referral details of the patient.

    We inform the patient about co pays and deductibles that need to be paid, prior to the patient's visit. See an increase in self-pay collections by working with us!

    WebDMEMR Integrated Patient eligibility verification system

    Schedule an online demo with one of our knowledgable associates to see how our integration with your EHR can help you automate the patient eiligibility verification process. Know More!

    This is how we work with webDMEMR…

    webDMEMR makes it easy to view patient information without going through a labyrinth of features. We use the patient look up feature, to review the details of patients. The medical billing information and insurance details of the patients are viewed. The patient hub of webDMEMR consists of the appointment and payment details of the patient.

    We carry out a thorough insurance eligibility check, prior to the claims creation process. This is one of the reasons, why we have a 100% claims acceptance rate!

Major advantages…

  • Secure encrypted systems
  • Absolute patient data security
  • More accurate claims and cleaner billing data
  • All eligibility transactions in compliance with CORE operating rules
  • Our 24/7 workflow enables you to perform realtime eligibility checks

And the biggest advantage of all…

Is that you'll be working with an experienced, webDMEMR patient insurance eligibility verification team. After a decade of experience in the billing field, we certainly have an edge over the rest. We've worked with all major government, private and commercial insurance carriers. We know the eligibility rules of Medicare, Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare and hundreds of other insurers, like the back of our hands !