Free EMR Subscription Offers

BillingParadise is a one-stop service provider for all your medical billing needs. Implementation of EMR is a greatest challenge faced by medical practices / physician practices. BillingParadise offers sharp acute services to address the issue.

Practices tend resort to the manufacturer of EMR software for technical support and training. These EMR manufacturers are busy with their sales and growing customer population. These giants cannot provide adequate technical support to tiny emr users. The tiny players cannot afford to hire a virtual support for their assistance.

This is because the big players charge a bomb for their services. BillingParadise fills the gap between the software provider and the user by providing excellent customer guidance on the software. The astounding fact is that the software-specific support services are offered at rock bottom prices.

Get the EMR software of your choice for free at BillingParadise:

BillingParadise has launched a limited period offer of free emr software subscriptions. You can select from a wide list of EMR software and get the subscription for free. We offer software specific billing service for your medical practice.

EMR software manufacturers can make use of BillingParadise's limited time offer as a sale booster. We are open for business with software specific service seekers, resellers, EMR product manufacturers, specialty clinics and physician practices. Time and tide waits for none and so does the offer!

Make a call at 1-(888)-571-9069 for your queries. We hope that we have the opportunity to provide our services to you.