Otolaryngology Medical Coding Services

    ENT medical billing services that offers the lowest prices and highest data security

    ENT specialists or otolaryngologists would certainly agree that billing for ENT services can be a pain in the neck.

    It can be frustrating to be time and again made to face rejected claims and making frantic calls to insurers.

    If you want a break from otolaryngology medical billing we can bring in a whiff of fresh air to your ENT practice.

    BillingParadise does not cry itself hoarse and claim to be the best ENT billing services provider in the industry.

    But we can manage your billing cycle without altering your daily workflow, work with your emr system, make rejected claims a fading memory and work on your claims 24x7!

    If that is all that you are looking for here are five other reasons why we should be working together.

Five factors that make our Ent medical billing services tick!

Laterality is a key issue in otolaryngology billing. We assign the appropriate codes for unilateral and bi lateral procedures. We also add LT and RT modifiers for bilateral ent procedures.

As most insurers verify the facility codes with the physician codes we pay close attention and offer errorless ent facility codes and physician codes to substantiate and quicken your ent claims and medical billing process.

Incision and excision can lead to a lot of confusion while medical coding and one of the major reasons for rejected claims. We read the operative notes of the physician thoroughly before creating the claim to avoid such glaring yet common ent billing mistakes.

Our ent billing services follows the best billing practices for emergency ent surgeries and elective surgeries.

We offer otolaryngology medical billing services for all the major areas of expertise in the field such as allergy, laryngology, otology, rhinology and pediatric ontology and tumors and diseases of the head and neck.

Avail of our emr integrated ent medical billing services BillingParadise goes the extra mile to be client friendly. We can work with the billing suite offered by your emr/ehr system and can work according to the framework and medical billing template offered by your emr provider.

It could help you in gaining control over your medical data and save costs and time by having all your medical data in one platform and any information that you need is just a click away.

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