Nephrology Billing & Coding Services

Elevating Overlooked nephrology Coding Challenges in our Priorities

    Is managing your nephrology billing process giving you sleepless nights ?

    Are employees whose skills could be utilized for managing other important aspects of your nephrology practice such as patient interaction, forced to be a part of a tedious medical billing process ?

    Finally, are the costs, time and extensive coordination involved in working with a professional medical billing firm holding you back ? There is one simple answer and solution for your practice, BillingParadise. We provide practice specific nephrology medical billing services which can understand the specificities of your field and can integrate with any emr/ehr that is a part of your practice.

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Five features that set our nephrology medical billing services apart !

We provide appropriate codes and clinical documentation for ancillary nephrology services provided such as injectables.One of the key factors that affect payment for nephrology treatment is the confusion of using multiple cpt and e/m codes.With an experienced nephrology medical billing service provider like Billing Paradise you can be assured of errorless nephrology coding services.

BillingParadise provides accurate nephrological medical billing services for all nephrology procedures and services such as, hemodialysis, lithotripsy and kidney biopsy.

Our nephrology billing services are highly secure and work with your emr/ehr application. eClinicalWorks, AdvancedMD, MedcomSoft, Waiting room solutions are some of the major emr/ehr systems we can integrate our medical billing services with.

We can guarantee you of the highest and best of class medical data security and are in complete compliance with all HIPAA norms.

24x7 nephrology billing services that can bring in a world of change to your practice

BillingParadise has made several ailing nephrology centers, kidney care facilities, nephrology clinics, practices and hospitals stand back on its feet and regain financial health within a month of working with us. Our nephrology billing services can help you cut down on expenditure and time spent arguing with insurers.

The other upside of signing up with us is, as our emr integrated nephrology medical billing services is available 24x7, your claims are created, transmitted to the insurer and followed up on, much quicker than an in-house nephrology medical coding and billing team.

For nephrology medical billing services that is, friendly with your practice and emr, call 1-(888)-571-9069.

Specialized Support

An answer for your every need

Billing & Collections

Do you want a powerful nephrology for your billing aches? BillingParadise is your answer. Our nephrology billing experts can up your collections ratio and decrease workflow hassles. And the best aspect of working with us is that we have a solution for every concern of yours.

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Most nephrology practices struggle with revenue loss after a compliance update. At BillingParadise we minimize regulatory pressures by staying on top of evolving regulations and ensuring that your practice is completely compliant. Mitigate the risk of non-compliance and eliminate audit risks.

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EMR Support

Contain costs with our nephrology EHR/EMR billing support. Missed dinner again?Most users complain that an EHR adds to the number of hours they work. We bill and process claims within your EHR system so you can get back home early. And spend less time worrying about,whether you fed your system with the right billing information.

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Old AR

BillingParadise's stand alone old AR clean up / recovery service will let you submit accurate & error free claims. Which means our dedicated AR management team will follow up with your old unpaid claims. We will assign you a dedicated insurance specific calling team who knows the language of your payer. Our AR callers are nephrology specific, trained and certified professionals.

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RCM Services

Optimize the many moving parts of your revenue cycle with BillingParadise’s nephrology revenue cycle management services. Our certified revenue cycle specialists will improve the compliance and performance of your nephrology RCM processes.

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Struggling To Bill With Your EHR?

At BillingParadise we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.

Service Suite Tailored To Your Needs

Skilled Personnel

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BillingParadise employs trained personnel to manage your claim denials. All claim reworks are done in the fastest way and are always inspected by our in house quality auditors before resubmission.

Foolproof System

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At BillingParadise we have designed our Denial Management Operation workflow to be streamlined and highly productive. We ensure that your denials are reworked correctly and on time.

State-of-the-art Tech

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BillingParadise provides you the most optimized and cost effective software.The DenialBridge is a turnkey software solution. Easily deployable, seamlessly scalable & can be maintained & updated.

Hire one/combination of services/all, we at BillingParadise will meet your needs 100%

Get paid Three times faster with our 24/7 medical billing services.

Work with medical billers who understand your EHR's billing process backwards and forwards

Avail Free RCM Audit Worth $2,000! Check out 19 different KPI reports that stops your cash flow.