Chiropractic Billing Expert

    Cream-of-the-crop Medical Billing Services Especially for Chiropractors

    BillingParadise is the hub of professional chiropractic billing and coding experts who know the pulse of all the payer reimbursement patterns.

    • Is your practice getting frequent underpayments ?
    • Are you perfectly billing all your patient walks ?
    • Is your busy schedule accelerating appointment miss-outs ?
    • Can't discover the hindrance entity in your clinical workflow ?
    • Are your claim appeals for denials not working out ?
    • Is your Accounts Receivable (AR) management going out-of-kilter ?

    We help you bolster the business side of your practice through effective management of clinical, technical and billing process workflows.

It's the high time to downsize your billing time

Being a chiropractor, you may be busy with your professional side of the medical practice. But, if the shrunken reimbursements are daunting you, proffering efficient patient care may be a reverie.

Our clients say we are a reliable chiropractic biller. Our authenticity arises from perfection and punctuality in Chiropractic Billing. Our experts know the nitty-gritty of the processes and guidelines in medical coding, billing and EMR/ EHR usage.

Thus, we could aid you trim-down the claim creation - payment span without any flaw in the ethical reimbursement model.

'General' Billing Expertise Mayn't Workout !

Despite our expertise in multifaceted medical specialty billing, we believe that practice, specialty-specific billing team could be the sure winner of the payer reimbursement game.

We help you in customize your EMR/EHR in sync with your Chiropractic care center, thus bestowing you with maximized reimbursements.

Do you need a 'denial-proof' claim ?

Making your superbill, denial-proof doesn't come out of a single process. In point of fact, it starts from the eligibility verification, good documentation practice (GDP), perfect coding, flawless billing, and timed follow-up and denial management.

Just make it possible with our assorted experts: AAPC/AHIMA-certified coders, professional billers, certified auditors, proficient compliance officers, reimbursement specialists, aggressive AR callers, RCM process optimizers, multi-level denial managers and even many.

Unique Features

  • AAPC-certified Chiropractic Professional Coder (CCPC™)
  • 24/7/365 expert support
  • Professional billing process veterans
  • Maximized turnover
  • Rapid reimbursement

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