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Solution to Nullify Medical Billing

Solution to Nullify the Medical Billing Errors:

BillingParadise offers the best solutions in the market to rectify your Medical billing problems.

Ours is a winning team. The team is a balanced blend of cutting edge technology, dynamic staffs, perfect process model and state of the art infra.

Reduce the days between you and your payments:

BillingParadise offers unique solutions to aid you with your billing and claims procedures. A paediatrician from Hurst, Texas quotes that I am amazed at how easy and simple medical billing can be. You can also be amazed at our services. Working closely with a variety of insurance companies has made us to obtain their perspective in the granting of claims. We have incorporated this insight into our stringent verification process through which claims submission forms are reviewed. The screened claims will be accurate enough to get past rejection thereby reducing time to wait.

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Quicker billing solutions:

Do not panic if your biller had quit without notice. BillingParadise will connect with your practice in an instant. Our experience gives us an upper hand among our competitors in processing claims. Team up with us and you won't even know that your biller had left you. We can get you back in track by clearing out claims that has not been filed for submission.

Resolve the gaps in your Medical billing department:

My collections have improved and the billing costs are cut down by 80% exclaims a physician from San Diego, California. Our experts are excellent in identifying the flaws in your existing medical billing process and suggest a remedy for the same. BillingParadise is a problem solver for many practices around the globe.

One of the reasons of BillingParadise being the most sought after service provider is that we have a scintillating ability to fix your broken Medical billing processes and improve the collections of your practice. We also undertake the processing of AR that is 90 days old. You need not change your entire medical billing system instead we can mend a few dents in your process that would benefit your practice in a great deal.

Kill your dependence and be free:

Every medical practice needs to concentrate and dedicate itself to provide a quality health care. But the balance is lost once a key medical biller leaves the medical practice. BillingParadise is a sanctuary for such troubled practices. We resonate with your practice's medical billing model so that you need not recuperate with the time lost. We give you freedom and make you independent on your key Medical billers. Entrusting the medical billing and claims handling operations to BillingParadise, you can rejoice and provide quality care to your dearest patients.

Do not Waste money on Medical Billing:

Many medical billing practices lack the art of Healthy spending. A veteran in the health care industry sir Donald Berwick once quoted in an interview 20% to 30% of health spending is a waste. Most of the medical practices are paranoid about medical billing and retaining the in-house team. If at all they are into outsourcing model most of them do not study the market. They pay these outsourcing companies a lot than they really have to. They make themselves for these companies to rob them of their hard earned money.

BillingParadise negates such robbing and strives hard to make you save more on your medical billing operations. We are compatible with all time zones making us provide you with swift deliverables. Our low pricing outsourcing model is always a blessing for medical practices of all sizes.

BillingParadise has the most sophisticated new age medical billing solutions up its sleeve for a very low price. Our value added services may include

  1. Credentialing
  2. Contracting
  3. Training
  4. Software provider

We also guide you to use software that has been renowned for their appreciation in the healthcare industry. This makes your medical billing process far more robust and fool proof when compared to the other service providers.

An EMR solution that exceeds expectations:

BillingParadise suggests EMR solutions to all its clients to smooth out the medical billing process. Our EMR has a proven track record. Many healthcare specialists and physicians have showered our EMR with their praises. We do not force you to use it. If you have your own EMR system we are happy to comply with it.

The above information throws light on our experience and expertise on the major requirements of the health care industry.

Call us now to gain advantage over your medical billing processes 1-(888)-571-069.

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Medical Code Denials ?


" I was scared of transitioning into a new code set without sufficient time or resources. I thank Billing Paradise for rescuing me from a tight spot. Their ICD 10 testing plan and support have made it easier for my practice to adapt and understand ICD 10. Great job! "
-Terry Wilmer, Family physician

" My practice was always way behind schedule when it came to meeting compliance deadlines. Working with BillingParadise has been a relief. They are a business associate who understand and meet every compliance threshold making it easy for me. "
-Cathy Barnes, Cardiologist

" My little patients mean the world to me! It was awful when I couldn't spend as much time as I'd like to with them. Filling out data into my EHR guzzled up a lot of my time. The billing team at Billing Paradise has helped me to drastically reduce the amount of time I spend on my EHR. "
-Lucy Whitman, Pediatrician

" I used to wonder why after working for almost 10 hours a day my collections were dismal. I found out that the fault lay with my billing team who couldn't come up with innovative solutions. My collection ratio has increased by almost 30% after working with tem BillingParadise "
-Ted Johnson, Urologist

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