Patient Billing Collection Services

Most medical practices do not concentrate on patient collections. It can be tricky to discuss money with patients. Leave the difficult job to us. Billing Paradise provides patient collections services that can help you capture additional 5% revenue. Unlike other revenue collection agencies we do not browbeat your patients into paying but follow an informed and warm approach.

Do your patients even know what a deductible is ?

You cannot expect your patients to understand the complexities of insurance billing. Most patients don't have the slightest idea about co pays, deductibles and co-insurance. We don't just send across bills and sketchy patient statements. Our medical billing team educates your patients on their payment responsibilities and insurance coverage.

Your patient statement cycle...

Our patient statements are informative and patient friendly. We send out completed statements within just a week of the patient's visit. All our statements include details about aging balances and pending collections. A collection letter is sent after a month. We also follow up on payments consistently and place reminder calls every 15 days.

Handholding your patients

BillingParadise can also help your patients to make payments online. Most practice management and EHR systems have an electronic payment option. It can be mildly flustering for patients who are making a payment the first time. We have a toll free patient billing number your patients can call anytime they need payment or billing assistance.

Keeping tabs !

Most providers lose complete track of self-pays. Our billers provide complete and updated AR and productivity reports. We mail our clients a comprehensive patient billing record every month. We focus on reducing backlogged revenue due to insufficient patient billing efforts.

Collect more at the front desk !

The lights never go out in our 24/7 office. We inform your front office staff about patient outstanding balances prior to a patient's visit. This will enable your staff to collect balances without having to jog their memory.

Now you can finally let go of billing worries and face-offs with patients. Our patient billing services will make sure you collect more revenue, minimize the burden on your front office staff, and lead to a healthier revenue cycle.