Appointment Scheduling Specialists

Meet more patients: openMRS appointment scheduling experts

Do you regularly miss appointments? Our experienced openMRS appointment scheduling team will ensure that you don't! We've handled the scheduling needs of hundreds of medical practices, and know the unique challenges you face.openMRS users rely on our extended office solutions, because we know the EHR backwards and forwards.

How it works…

We use openMRS resource scheduling feature to view appointment schedules and fix up appointments. . We make use of the scheduling functionality of openMRS, to streamline the front desk tasks of openMRS users.

Our team sets up metrics for your practice. We take into account your breaks and end times, so you meet your scheduled patients, without feeling rushed. Our team also takes care of prior authorization requests and referrals. We also place reminder phone calls, to, patients prior to their appointment.

Increase collections, focus on patient communication, and capture more revenue per day!

Why it will work for you !

  • Round the clock scheduling support
  • Better optimization of front office workflow
  • Reduction in no shows
  • Reserve time slots for specific procedures and patients easily

We are just around the Conner. Click here to have our Regional RCM Expert come down to your office immediately to get all your questions answered !

Want a report on your patient volume ?

Do you have the least idea of how many patients you meet per day and whether your collections reflect the work you do? Take advantage of data analytics to meet future demands and track patient flow. Our extensive reports will give you a snapshot of your missed appointments, the average number of patient visits per day, the number of no-shows etc.

Our openMRS appointment scheduling team can be a huge shot in the arm for your medical practice !